Sex Happens

I couldn’t function in that environment – the small town thinking, the house, the wife and kids. I had to get out. HE knew I was leaving. HE gave me HIS blessing. Truly, I think HE wanted me out of there so HE could get back to HIS writing without me mucking up the waters.


I slammed the door and pounded down the front steps, out onto the driveway. I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew I could never go back there. Freedom had to mean something.

That’s when she entered my life. The red VW bug pulled into the driveway, and this incredible blond stepped out. Engaging, deep blue eyes and a smile that could melt steel, this woman had everything going for her. Her short skirt showed off a pair of legs that went on forever, and the nipples of her ever-so-perfect breasts poked at the sheer fabric of her tank top. God, she wasn’t even wearing a bra.

Happy urban girl in car

“Hi Marc.” Her bubbly voice was like music.

“Do I know you?” She definitely had my attention.

“You will.” She raised her eyebrows and shot me a devilish grin. “Get in, you’re driving.”

She opened the passenger door and dropped into the seat.

Okay, I guess this is my adventure. It was time to get started. I slid behind the wheel, and buckled up. I had the feeling this was going to be a bumpy ride.

I started up the car. “So, where are we going?”

Her lips curled suggestively. “Where ever you want to take me.”

Jesus, I wanted to take her to bed.

I pulled out of the driveway and cast one last look at HIS house. I knew I wasn’t coming back here.

It was only natural to take the on-ramp to the highway. This small town was another thing I would be leaving behind. The city was ahead – adventure, romance…sex.

The woman next to me reached across and ran her hand over the bulge in my pants. Yeah, I was hard as a rock. What guy wouldn’t be, with a chick this sexy next to him?

“As long as you’re taking me someplace, I might as well return the favor.” She popped the button on my jeans and pulled down on the zipper. My cock sprung out into her hand, and she ran her fingers over my length. I realized that where she planned to take me…was to heaven.

I propped myself up off the seat, and she turned sideways to pull my jeans down a bit, scooping my sac out and fondling my balls. God it felt good.

Who was this woman? “So, you know me, but you haven’t told me your name yet.”

I could feel her devilish smile. “No, I haven’t, have I?”

Her breasts were so close, so inviting, I took one hand off the wheel and reached for her. I had to know she was real. The fabric of her top was stretchy enough for me to free one of those succulent orbs. Her skin was so soft, yet there was a firmness to her breasts that held them high without needing any support. I rolled the firm, pebbled nipple between my fingers, and she sighed.

God, what a rush – speeding seventy miles-per-hour down the highway, with a beautiful woman jacking my dick, while I copped a feel. It was then I knew my new life was going to be a bit dangerous.

I dropped my hand to her thigh, and ran eager fingers up the inside of her leg. She was so warm and wet, between her legs. I easily slipped two fingers into her.

She sucked in a deep breath. “Oh God, Marc, yes!”

Her pace increased as she pumped my cock. It felt like I grew another inch, and took everything I had to keep from exploding.

I risked a glance at her face, and there was a devilish twinkle in her eyes just before her head dipped down, taking my cock into her mouth, sliding those pert lips down my shaft. The way her tongue worked around the head was magic. I knew I couldn’t hold it.

“I’m coming…” It was all the warning I could give her as I shot streams of hot cum. She hungrily sucked it all up, swallowing load after load, as I emptied myself into her eager mouth.

I only vaguely remember the pickup truck passing me on the left, and the guy in the passenger’s seat giving me the thumbs up. It was a wonder I’d managed to keep the car on the road.

Her head came up – tongue licking one last dribble off her lips. “That was fun. Turn right up here.”

Night was falling as she directed me along brightly lit streets. Tall buildings rose on either side of the streets. I was in the city at last.

She directed me to pull in to the parking lot of a large apartment complex. I parked, pulled up my jeans and got out of the car. As she came around the front of the car, she slid her arms around me. Her lips were soft, but her tongue was demanding as it twined with mine. I was breathing hard, and my cock was rigid again by the time we broke off the kiss.

She stepped back and dangled a keychain at me. “Top floor, apartment 8C.” She dropped the key in my outstretched hand.

“Are you coming up with me?” I wanted more of her…so much more.

“No, you’ve got some work to do.”

Shit, I knew that, but she was so beautiful. “Will I ever see you again?”

I’ll never forget that sly smile, that sexy wink. “Count on it.”

I felt empty, drained, as she drove off, but I knew my new life waited upstairs. The apartment is small, but I don’t need much. There is a king-sized bed in the bedroom, so I’ll have ample room to…research.

The computer was on, so I sat down and logged in. I created a Facebook account, and an author page. Yeah, you can stop by and ‘like’ me at

I also set up a twitter account. Damn, there were a few Marc Stevens already, but there wasn’t a @MarcStevens69. Well, there is now. Follow me on my journey.

Finally, I had one last task before I called it a night. I poured myself a glass of Merlot then sat down at the computer again and wrote this blog.

Intimately yours,

Marc Stevens – Erotica Author


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