The girl across the hall.

I had my first story idea, and was just sitting down to my computer to start on it. The sex had started easily enough, but I’d hit a wall, not sure how to continue the scene.

“Damn it.” A strong feminine voice echoed in the hallway just outside my apartment door, startling me from my work.

I opened the door and was greeted by an incredible ass. No, I mean it. The woman was bending down, looking at the keyhole of the door across the hall as if her stare alone would open the door, and those low riding jeans were stretched tight across some incredible landscape.

“Can I help you with something?” I’d really like to help her out of those jeans.

She stood up and turned toward me. Her soft lines and willowy body had my cock reacting at once. A cascade of dark tangles spilled over her shoulders. Her eyes were dark, and her brow furled in frustration, but her full, red lips begged to be kissed.

“I locked my keys in my apartment again.”

Her eyes brightened, like she’d just noticed me, and the frustration eased in her voice. “You’re new.”

I nodded. “I just moved in yesterday.”

Sex Happens

She smelled of jasmine and spice.

“Wow.” She gave me the once over and seemed to like what she saw. “And you’re living right across the hall from me.”

Her eyes were inviting me in. Of course, she couldn’t get into her apartment. That was the problem.

“I could call the building super for you,” I offered. “You could wait here at my place until he comes.”

She lowered her eyes, shyly. “That would be nice. Thank you.”

I buzzed the building supervisor and he said he’d be right up. “Would you like a glass of wine while you wait?”

She nodded and I went to the cupboard to retrieve a couple of wine glasses. I left the door open, so we could watch for the super, but he could take his time, as far as I was concerned.

I’d just opened a nice Riesling, and had it breathing on the counter. I poured it up and offered her a glass. “Thanks.” She raised the glass and smiled at me.

Her eyes sparkled. There was something very ‘girl next door’ about her, which was funny because she was the girl next door…well, across the hall, but you get my point.

“So, what do you do?” Did I dare tell her?

I took the chance. “I write erotic romance.” I’m not ashamed of it. It’s just something I do. Something I have to do.

I had a few pages sitting on the printer – that sex scene I was tweaking. Sometimes you have to print it out, see it on paper, to know what’s wrong. She picked up the top page. As she read she raised her eyebrows and the corner of her mouth inched up.

“Nice.” She laid the page back on the desk. “Tell me when you publish it. I want to know how that turns out.”

I laid my wineglass on the counter and edged closer to her. She didn’t back away. “I could show you…”

She put her glass down on the table and closed the distance, wrapping her arms around me. She brought her lips up and I captured them. The air between us sizzled…then there was no air. I pulled her against me, felt her pert breasts against my chest. My hand traveled down her back, grabbing that wonderful ass of hers and dragging it closer to me, grinding my aching erection into her stomach.

Lumbering footsteps in the hallway sunk my hopes. The supervisor’s gravely voice brought us back to the hear-and-now. “Someone need to get in their apartment?”

She broke off the kiss. Her hot breath scorched my neck. She was breathing as hard as I was, but she held me tight.

“Shit, I’ve gotta go.” She hesitated disengaging.  She looked up into my eyes and I saw lust and passion. “Tonight…eight o’clock.” She nodded toward the doorway. “My place.”

She gave me one last hug. The heaven her body promised, left me hard and wanting. Then she left me, closing the door on her way out.

I stood for long moments, breathing hard and drinking in the experience of her. I realized I hadn’t even asked her name.

I shrugged, and picked up the wine glass I’d placed on the counter. The cool white wine did nothing to quench the fire that blazed within. I was still burning when I sat down in front of my computer, but I realized I had broken through the wall. I knew how that scene would end.




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