Kiss and Sell

I’m not a bastard. At least, I don’t think I am. I love and respect women. Someday I want the whole package – love, fidelity, and companionship on a level I can’t imagine right now. I’m not sure I know what a relationship is all about, but I do know, at least for me, sex will be a big part of it.

I’m an erotica writer. Sex is what I write about. They say you should “write what you know” so I have to know about sex – all kinds of sex. Sex is research, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. Now I don’t plan to kiss and tell but, if I’m going to make it in this business, I do need to ‘Kiss and Sell’ – use my sexual experiences as inspiration for my writing.

I’d be lying if I told you I ventured across the hall last night looking for anything other than sex. I’d been thinking about the woman ever since my encounter with her earlier. I was hard most of the day, and when eight o’clock finally rolled around I was so aroused I could hardly think. I’d heard her door open and close about a half hour earlier, so I knew she was home.

Kiss and Sell

I knocked on her door and she greeted me wearing next to nothing. The little thigh-length robe was transparent, and wouldn’t have hid anything anyway, even if it wasn’t hanging open. Her lithe body was encased in only a skimpy bra and panties. Her black high heels brought her up to my eye level, and my eyes liked what they saw.

She pulled me into her apartment, and into her arms. “I’ve been thinking about you all afternoon.”

What happened next you can only imagine…or, you won’t have to. I’ll be writing the story and publishing it soon. Look for it.


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