That girl across the hall (part 2)

Amy (not her real name – I told you I wasn’t a bastard) and I have settled into a really good friendship. She’s not looking for a relationship right now, and I’m good with that. Some guy hurt her pretty badly. I offered to hurt the fucker back, but she wouldn’t tell me who he was.

She’s smart, spunky, and really fun to be with. We spend a lot of time together – usually a couple glasses of wine, and a romp in the bedroom. It’s kind of a ‘friends with benefits’ thing.

I showed her the manuscript of the story I’m writing about that first night we spent together, and she gave me some insights into her side of the story. It’s coming along nicely, I think, but then you guys will be the judge of that. I hope to have the story published in the next few days, but we’ll see. Amy keeps showing up and dragging me away from my work. Well, I do need to keep up my research as well. There are lots of other stories to write.


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