Sexy Fruit.

Okay, maybe it’s the whole Kevin thing that has me on edge, but the words are not flowing as good as the wine. I’m in a strange mood today and thought I’d pass along some strange, wine-tinged observations.

Bananas: The King of all Sexual Fruits.

Women eating banana

Face it, this sucker gets all the women. Its phallic shape makes it the perfect sexually suggestive Musa fruit. Yeah, Musa, even the plant’s genus sounds sexy. And they’re a good source of potassium. No wonder women love them.

So, what about us guys? Don’t we get some sexy fruit?

Okay, melons. I get that.


But seriously, there’s one even sexier than that.

I give you…the navel orange!

Drinking orange fruit

What, you say? No, really, I haven’t left my senses in the bottom of a wine bottle. The navel orange is damn sexy. Stay with me.

First off, it has a navel. Admit it, a woman’s belly button is damn sexy.


But there’s more. Peal back the rind. Start to probe with your fingers, and begin to work it open.


Yeah, that’s it. Slide your thumb between the sections, as you work your way in. Moist, juicy…feel that?

Now, maybe it because I’ve been spending so much time between Amy’s legs lately that I noticed, but God, that’s one sexy fruit.


Ladies, you can keep your potassium, I’m gonna have me some good ol’ vitamin C!


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