The North Point Supper Club.

The North Point Supper Club

I stepped into the North Point Supper Club with trepidation. Dark and under-lit, it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust. When they finally did I concluded it didn’t look much better on the inside than it looked on the outside. The booth cushions and chairs were dingy and worn. The tables were scratched and showed signs of their age. While fairly clean, the place really lacked any appeal. This would be a perfect candidate for Restaurant Impossible.

The sign by the front door read ‘Please Seat Yourself.’ So I did, finding a booth where I could get a good view of the bar and dining areas. I was intrigued, but skeptical. If there was a story here, I wasn’t seeing one.

3 men

There were only a few people in the bar area. Three men were talking about the upcoming Superbowl, and which team they thought would win. Two very attractive women sat at one of the tables chatting softly and occasionally casting glances toward the men. The guys would have had to be stupid not to notice the women’s interest. In any other bar those guys would have been all over the girls. Was this the story I was looking for?

An attractive waitress took my order for a drink, and I occupied myself watching her sexy ass swaying all the way back to the bar. The burly bartender took her order then shot me a rather glaring look. What was that all about?

The door opened and a large group of people came in boisterously shouting to those already in the place.  As I waited on my own drink, I noted the bartender getting right to work mixing beverages for the new folk, and exchanging comments with them. Obviously the regulars here got preferential treatment.

I waited another twenty minutes before the waitress brought me my drink. It was overpriced and watered down, but by that point I was parched. I took a hefty gulp, and barely felt the burn of the alcohol down the back of my throat. More had wondered in by that time, and there seemed to be a tense camaraderie between all the people there.


That’s when it hit me. Everyone there, including the bartenders and waitresses, were young, fit and attractive. It was like something out of a Hollywood movie set. There wasn’t even anyone I would call average-looking. What were the odds of this being a coincidence?

Then she walked in. In a room of beautiful people, she stood out as gorgeous – stunning. Her legs attracted me first. Long, tanned and toned. My eyes traveled up those incredible limbs to the high hem of a little black dress that showed so much more than it hid. By the time she reached the bar, the bartender already had her drink ready. My eyes continued up the bare expanse of her back to a silky fall of raven tresses. She grabbed the glass from the bartender then turned and looked right at me.

Beautiful woman

I fell into her eyes. Captured – captivated. I know my mouth must have hung open. She smiled and started across the room toward me.

“You must be the new guy.” Her voice was soft, sweet and sexy. She arched an eyebrow as she slipped into the booth across from me. “Did you post? I wouldn’t mind being the one to break you in.”

“Post?” I swear my voice broke when I pushed the question out.

Her eyes scanned me up and down. “Hell, I’d give you ten points just for a straight up. Don’t sell yourself cheap.”

“Um…I don’t know…” I wasn’t sure how to answer.

One of the men across the barroom detached himself from the crowd and headed toward us.

“Really, if you’re not posted for tonight, I’d love to be your first.” Her eyes took on a mischievous glint. “You’re going to need points anyway, and I promise you’ll have almost as much fun as I do.”

The man reached us just then. His eyes were dark, his expression serious. He grabbed the woman’s shoulder, drawing her attention, then just shook his head.

“Oh God.” The woman gasped, he hand flew to her mouth. “I’m sorry. I thought…”

The man slid into the booth next to the woman.

“Am I missing something?” I asked.

The man sighed at the woman then turned toward me. “You can call me damage control.” He forced a smile and extended his hand across the table.

I took it as a good sign and clasped his hand firmly. I had a feeling I didn’t need to keep looking for my story. The story had just found me.

More later,


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