The rules of Points Club.

The first rule of Fight Club…

Yeah, I’ve seen the movie. Thing is, it’s probably the first rule of any secret organization. You just don’t talk about it. So, here I am about to spill the beans, and let out all the secrets of Points Club. What’s the deal?

Well, that falls into the realm of: The best place to hide something is in plain sight.

They dragged me in front of the Points Club board of directors. Yeah, this isn’t some little friendly mate-swapping group. It’s got over a thousand members, and meet-up places in twelve states. But I guess Tina’s little indiscretion wasn’t the first, and they knew how to handle things.

They had web conferencing set up to bring in board members from all over. I was kind of surprised at how many of them were familiar with my blog, seeing as how I’d just started it a couple of weeks ago. But these guys had their fingers in pretty much anything sex related, so I guess it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise.

Anyway, it was decided that I should write about the club. Put it out there as fiction. The people stopping by my site would be people interested in sex anyway, and if someone actually believed it and went looking for their local branch of Points Club, it might just help expand the membership.

So, if you’re looking to join this (wink, wink) imaginary organization, find the sleaziest night club in your area and go see if that’s where all the beautiful people hang out. Good luck!

Here’s how Points Club works:

  1. You don’t talk about Points club. (you knew that one was coming)
  2. All members must be in good health (the group has its own doctors), fit, and good looking (judged by the local group at time of entry) Ages 21 to 45 (but there is a senior auxiliary group that you can graduate into.)
  3. You acquire points by taking part in someone’s sexual fantasy. Rooms and environments to accommodate said fantasies are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Special arrangements will be made if possible.
  4. Tickets are generated and points are awarded using the Point’s Club Application. (Yup, there’s an app for that.)
  5. You can spend your points to arrange your own sexual fantasy. Any acts deemed dangerous are always supervised (and cost extra points).
  6. Encounters can be arranged between members, or posted for any member to pick up on the local club board. In all cases, points MUST be exchanged for any sexual act.
  7. At no time can any member be forced into a situation they are uncomfortable with.
  8. Once completed, no participant in any fantasy ever talks about it. (Yup, they agreed to let members break this rule when talking to me.)

There’s also a long list of recommendations and guidelines, including safe words, use and maintenance of the building and equipment, etc. I don’t plan on getting into all the specifics. I just want to give you guys the lay of the land.

I’ve interviewed a few of the members already, and I’ve got plenty of stories to tell. Now I just have to sit down long enough to write them.

I’m off to my doctor’s appointment this afternoon for a thorough check-up. That should be interesting. After that I can even start participating.

Time to start building up some points, I guess.



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