Naked Time!

Seriously, is there anything better than naked time? I mean you and your significant (or not so significant) other just laying next to each other naked, diddling. Nothing serious, maybe later, just that easy touching, hot caressing, exploring.

Yeah, it’s one of those nights. Amy’s over, the bottle of wine is almost gone, and we’re just kicking back on the bed. She runs her finger down my chest, while I play with her hair (She’s got really great hair, especially when it’s just washed.)

We were going to watch a movie together, but we just couldn’t decide on what to watch.

Sex Happens

Then Amy said, “Let’s just get naked.”

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Slowly getting into it. Letting everything simmer until things just boil over. A touch here. A lick there. God, her ass is something special.

I brought my laptop into bed with us – thought I’d do an update.

Oh oh! She’s got that look on her face. My soldier’s standing at attention and she’d crawling toward him.

Her lips…those sweet lips.

Better post this fast, while I still can.

God, I love naked time.


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