My First Points.

The food’s not half bad at the Point North Supper Club, when you’re a member of Points Club. (Or, in my case, a prospective member.) They’re still reviewing my somewhat forced application, and I have a doctor appointment in a few days. But I stopped by last night for a bite to eat.

Tina came in just as I finished my meal and slid into the booth across from me. “So, when is that story coming out?”

Beautiful woman

I did promise to tell Alan and Tina’s story first, and I have been working on it. Life just keeps getting in the way. I’m finding out this writing thing is harder than it first seemed. I guess I never really understood HIM.

Edit from HIM: [HA!]

Edit from Marc: [Fuck off!]

Tina kicked off her shoe and ran her bare foot up my leg to my crotch. I’m finding there’s always a lot of play between club members, even when they’re not in the back rooms.

“The story’s not quite done yet,” I tell her as her toes rub my cock stiff. “I’m not even to room seven yet.”

“Oh God!” She rolled her eyes.

“I did work on the cover though. Want to see it?”

Her eyes went big and she nodded, so I brought out my laptop and booted it up. I’m done eating anyway, so I shove my plate aside and Tina joins me on my side of the booth. Her hand replaced her foot at my crotch. She really knows how to touch a guy there. My cock begged me to let him lose.

When I showed her what I’d done so far she got really excited.

Points Club cover2

“Just imagine it. Me in a book! It’s going to be so cool.”

I laughed at her antics. “Remember, Tina, it’s fiction. It didn’t really happen. Points Club doesn’t really exist.”

Her smile lit up the room, and she gave my cock a squeeze through the rough fabric of my jeans. “Yeah. Right.” She brought her lips up to the side of my neck and kissed her way up to my ear, then whispered, “Just like I don’t want you, right now.”

God, what’s a guy to do?

Now, before you go all ballistic, Amy and I have an agreement. What’s between us is just friendship sex, and we’re open to flirt and have sex with other people. We’re just friends…with a lot of benefits.

I moved my hand up Tina’s thigh and found, not only was she not wearing any panties, but she was wet as hell. “Doesn’t this cost points or something?”

She smiles and winks at me. “You’re not officially in the club yet, so I don’t think so, but I sure as hell wish you were right now. There’s so much we can’t do until we get that doctor’s release.”

I shove two fingers into her and I feel her clench around them. “Can we do this?”

“Oh God, yes.” Her breathing was heavy and she gasped when I run my thumb across her clit.

I got really hard, and she squeezed me, then let go, moving her hand away. She panted heavily as I worked her, sliding in and out. “Sorry, Marc. I wish I could do something for you but…”

I move my lips to her neck, and kiss up the side to her earlobe. “Believe me, Tina. You’re doing something for me.”

I knew the limitations. There’d be more later, when I got into the club-into the game. Right then it was all about her and she was shuddering under my manipulations. “That’s it. Come on.” I nibbled her earlobe.

She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, as the orgasm hit. It was pretty easy to see she was out of control, but to her credit she didn’t cry out. No one there even looked our way except Harvey, the bartender, and he just smiled and shook his head.

Professional barman in black standing bar

Her eyes glistened as she settled, and I started to pack up my laptop. Harvey comes over to collect my empty dinner plate. He smiles down at Tina. “I’m docking you three points for that, and putting them on Marc’s account.” Harvey’s kind of in charge of the local club, and has final say in point disputes if they come up.

Tina smiled. “No argument here.”

So I’ve got my first points, even before I’m officially in the club. I wonder what 3 points can buy?


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