Kevin (Part 2)

Amy just dropped off my laptop, smartphone and a change of clothes. The pain medication has dropped off a bit, so I can think straight again and hopefully stay awake long enough to finish this blog entry. Thank goodness this place has internet access.

Yup, I’m in the hospital.

The stitches in my side pulled and hurt like hell when I shifted enough to sit up. I should have called Vickie, my day nurse, to help, but I know she’s plenty busy, and I hate to bother her.


Yeah, Vickie’s something special. Even in my drug-induced haze, it’s hard not to notice her. She’s got gentle hands, dreamy eyes, and some pretty impressive cleavage that I can’t help but notice when she’s bending over me.

Anyway, I suppose you’re wondering how I got here.

It was right after I’d posted up my new short story, Alan’s Gambit. I heard hammering on the door across the hall, followed by an angry voice.

“Damn it, Amy, let me in.” I recognized the voice right away. Kevin, Amy’s ex-boyfriend.

Male Model

“Go away. You know you’re not supposed to be here.” Amy sounded frantic. “I’m calling the cops.” There’s a restraining order against Kevin to keep him away from Amy.

I was almost to my door when I heard the thump and crash in the hallway outside. “You think you’re so special, just ‘cause you got that pretty face.”

Amy’s scream filled the air, as I flung open my door to rush across the hall.

“Maybe your face won’t be so pretty when I’m done with ya.”

Kevin was advancing on Amy, and the fucker had a knife in his hand that I swear was a foot long. She’s screaming and backing away.

There’s no way I was letting him touch Amy. I jumped him and grabbed his wrist, to keep the knife out of play. We crashed to the floor and rolled around, knocking some furniture over, but he ended up on top of me. I hear Amy shouting.

“There’s a man here with a knife trying to kill me…” She must have called 911. She has a good head on her shoulders. (…and the rest of her’s not bad either.)

I knew I had to keep Kevin busy for a while, but he’s bigger than me, and stronger. I figured I was in trouble when I lost my grip on his wrist.

I managed to roll out from under him, and we tussled a bit more, smashing a table and lamp. Then I feel a slicing pain down the right side of my torso. My head reels and my arms lose all their strength. He’s sitting on top of me again and I see him raising the knife. His eyes are wild. I figure it’s all over.

Suddenly there’s a dull thunk, and  Kevin’s eyes cross. As he slides to the side, I see Amy towering over him, a chair leg in one hand and her cell phone in the other.

“And send an ambulance, quick…” was the last thing I heard her say before everything went black.

I woke up here, in a lot of pain. A doctor was stitching me up, and nurse Vickie was leaning over me, with that wonderful cleavage. It could have been worse.


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