Sponge bath with an angel.

Dr. Warner stopped by today to tell me that everything is looking good. He expects I’ll be able to get out of bed by tomorrow and go home in the next few days. He also happens to be the doctor for the Points Club that I was supposed to see a few days ago, so he’s run all the tests for that and…I’m in!

Amy stops by every day to fill me in on what’s happening. The police took my statement yesterday, and it looks like Kevin will be going away for quite a while. I know Amy feels guilty, but heck, who knew the guy would go crazy like that. I’m just glad she wasn’t hurt.


I’ve had a lot of visitors from Points Club, giving me some great stories to write. I took lots of notes and had time to start one that Candy told me about. I’m hoping to get that out soon.

After everyone leaves, Nurse Vickie comes in to check on me. God, she’s gorgeous, and she does things to me that can be a bit embarrassing when you’re only wearing one of those backless hospital gowns.


“Sponge bath time, kiddo,” she says and I know I’m in trouble. She just pulls down the sheets and pulls up my gown and starts in. My soldier’s standing at full attention, and she’s working her way down to him.

“I hear you passed all your tests.” She’s smiling as she starts to drag the washcloth up and down and all around. She finishes the sponge bath and my member is pulsing like crazy.

She steps back and her eyes are on it as she pulls out her smartphone. “Two points?”

That’s when I realize she’s in the club. Thank God I’ve got three points available, because I really needed what she was offering. “Hell yes!”

Sexy doctor

She locks the door and slips out of her uniform. I’ve been thinking about her naked for the past two days, and now she is, and it’s even better than I imagined. “Now, let me do everything. You’re still not supposed to exert yourself.”

She takes my cock in her hot hand, and brings her lips right down on it. Oh man that feels good. Her tongue is doing things that just have to be illegal in some states.

She pulls up and off. “You taste so good, but if I’m paying, I want more than this.”

What the fuck? She’s paying me?

She climbs on the bed and straddles me, being careful of my stitches, then brings one of those incredible breasts right to my mouth. I reach up and pull it in. Her nipples are hard and ready, and as I suck and lick she guides my hand between her legs. She’s so wet.

“Now, no bucking. Doctor’s orders.” She moves down and positions herself over my throbbing cock. “Let me do all the work.”

God, and did she work it. It was so hard just laying there and letting it all happen, but in the end I think we both got what we wanted.

Afterwards I needed another sponge bath, which almost led to another round, but Vickie gave me a shot to make me drowsy.

“You need your sleep.” She bent over to pick up her clothes from the floor, and the last thing I remember is that beautiful ass of hers.

I woke up a few minutes ago, feeling rested and pretty good. I checked the Points club app on my phone and, son of a bitch, I now have five points.


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