Sexy Fruit (Part 2)

Some of you probably remember this post from about a month and a half ago:

Well, here we go again…

I had a deliciously awesome night at Points Club last night. Vickie was on-board with the food based fantasy so I stopped by the North Point Supper Club to talk with Harvey and see if there was a room available. Turned out he’d been anticipating it, and had something all set up if I wanted it. I messaged Vickie then headed out for the grocery store.

It’s amazing what you can find, when you’re in the proper frame of mind:


Vickie was anxious to get at it, so we agreed to start right when Points club opened at 6:00pm. I spent most of the afternoon setting everything up. It was a truly unique experience for me, if somewhat messy. Vickie recreated the banana split (without even using a banana).


After she’d had her fill, I tossed a pretty mean fruit salad.


The entire event turned out to be a lot sexier than I thought it would be, and a lot of fun. I’ve thrown all my writing projects to the side, and am hard at work on bringing you the whole delicious story.

I just finished the cover:

Whipped Cream Cover

And I plan to have the story available very, very soon.

By the way, Amy came over and after reading my rough draft, slipped out to buy some groceries, then presented me with the above pictures based on the story. I’m not going to say they’re completely accurate, but she did manage to capture the spirit of the story.

Thanks, Amy!

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