Sex Therapy and an Unexpected Journey

It turns out that Points Club has its own psychologist. I introduced Dr. Paul Fredericks in my short story, Whipped Cream and other Delights, but I never actually met the man before today.

Paul Fredericks

After you’ve had a few encounters, Points Club sends you around to see Dr. Paul. It’s important to the club that they accept only the right kind of people, people who can handle the no-strings-attached, friends with benefits situation.

Dr. Paul put me through an ink blot test, and talked to me about the club and what was expected. He delved a bit into my background and my relationship with HIM. He seemed satisfied.

“You’re kind of a special case for Points Club,” he told me. “I think it’s going to be important for members to be able to tell someone their stories, someone other than me that is.”

Points Club members were allowed to share their encounters with Dr. Paul so he could help them through any problems. So it turned out we had that in common.

“There is one little issue we need to clear up though,” Dr. Paul said and he buzzes his secretary on the office phone. “Send him in.”

Well, it felt like my jaw dropped to the floor when the guy walked in.

Young fellow in the tattooings

“Marc, this is Adam,” Dr. Paul said.

“Yeah,” I answered, “We met…at the hospital.”

Adam seemed friendly enough. He held out his hand and I shook it. But his face remained stern and serious. “That’s the problem, Marc. You weren’t supposed to remember that.”

He looked me in the eye and it felt as if my mind was being stripped naked. For long moments we just stood there. I couldn’t look away.

Finally Adam sighed and I felt released. “It’s no good Doc. He’s got a natural shield I can’t get around.”

“Well,” Dr. Paul said, “then there’s nothing else to do.”

He turned to me. “Marc, go pack for a week-long trip. You are about to meet some pretty amazing people.”

And that was that. I’m home packing now and just had time for a quick blog post. Dr. Paul said I’d be out of communication for a week or so, but when I returned I’d have a shit-ton of new stories to tell. I couldn’t really refuse. Not that I don’t have stories piling up on my laptop already.

Oh well. With luck I’ll see you all in a week or so.


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