Jet Lag and the Mile High Club.

Okay, I’m back and suffering some really crazy jet lag. There’s a ton to tell, but I’ve really got to get some sleep. So here’s the first part of the travel story. I’ll cover more in my next post.

Red and White Jet

Dr. Fredericks drives me to the airport. There on the runway is a small private jet waiting for us.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve invited a friend along,” he says.

He takes me on board the plane and to my surprise, Chastity is waiting for us.

Urban girl

We take off and we no sooner get the “You may now walk about the cabin” notification from the cockpit and Chastity is all over me.

“Come on Mark. Time to join the Mile High Club.”

“Seriously,” I insist, “I can’t. Remember the Points Club Rules. I can’t have sex with someone who’s not in the club.”

She gives me that fake frownie face. “Don’t you want me?”

God did I want her! My cock was rock hard and begging to be set free to ‘fly the friendly skies.’

“Yes,” I had to admit, “I want you.”

“Good!” She’s all bubbly smiles and squirming in my lap. “Paul can recertify you for the club when we get back.”

I look at Dr. Frederick and I raise an eyebrow.

He nods. “Yup. No problem. Just two easy tests that you’ll pass with flying colors.” He looks at Chastity with chagrin showing on his face. “Because I know where she’s been.”

Chastity already has my shirt unbuttoned and her lips are weaving their magic way down my chest.

“Also,” Dr. Fredericks adds with a chuckle, “if you don’t do it, I’ll have to.”

She’s already unzipping my pants and sucking suggestively on one of my nipples, but she comes up for air. “Oh no, Paul, you’re not getting out of it that easy. I want you both before we touch down. In fact I want you both at the same time.”

Dr. Fredericks shrugs and rolls his eyes. “She’s got this ménage fantasy.”


Someday, maybe, I’ll write up the story of what (who?) went down over a mile up in the sky that day. Needless to say, Dr. Frederick and I both earned our wings, and a permanent place in the Mile High Club.

Seems like I just keep joining sex clubs.

That’s all for now. I need to get some serious shut-eye, then get all my notes together. You won’t believe what I found when we touched down.


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