Enter the Psylons

A little history:

Right after 9/11, the U. S. Government had an excess of funds for military research. Pretty much anything the Pentagon wanted, they got. One nameless general decided it was time to pull the old psychic research project out of mothballs.

One hundred young people, fifty men and fifty women, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one were selected for the Psylon Project. All had rated high on tests of intuition, ESP, empathy, and mental stability.


A regimen of training, drug therapies and testing opened up the minds of these incredible young people to powers never seen before. Scientists conjectured that the powers lay dormant in most humans, but were a part of the mind rarely accessed because of the brain’s structure.

The test subject’s training also included physical fitness, weapons and military intelligence. From this group an elite force was drawn for special black ops training.


But something went wrong.

The drugs that opened their minds also enhanced the libidos of these young people, particularly affecting the amygdala and lateral orbitofrontal cortex. A hunger—a craving for sex—developed in each of them over time much greater than the standard sex drive of a young adult. A pull to engage in intercourse that could not be denied, getting stronger until the ‘hunger’ was satisfied, with dire side effects if denied for even a short time.


The research facility turned into an orgy of sexual activity. Scientists tried everything they could to suppress the hunger. A psychologist and sexual research expert, Dr. Paul Fredericks, was brought in to head the crisis team.

Drugs, therapy, suppression…nothing worked. Prostitutes, both female and male, were bused in to help stabilize the compound as erotic tension threatened to boil over, but a worried senator in Washington decided it would be better to scrub the project and expunge the record.

Now the Psylons are among us, cast out and hungry for sex. Spread out across the country, many have discovered the Points Club as a way to satisfy their sexual needs. Still other Psylons have gathered back together for mutual protection and carnal gratification at a hidden base. It was to this secret compound I was taken from the plane, blindfolded and earmuffed.

In my next post: More about the Psylons and my huge, new writing adventure.


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