Mind Games

As I stated before, I was blindfolded and ear muffed as I left the private jet. Dr. Paul assured me I was in no danger and it was specifically for my own protection. I took a long drive in a car then was led into a cool, slightly dank feeling chamber. When I could see and hear again, I found myself in a large windowless compound.

As I was led down a hallway I saw a few other people. Most appeared to be in their upper twenties and in good physical shape. From behind closed doorways I could hear the sounds of moaning and bodies slapping together.

Urban girl

“Oh God! I can just smell the sex,” Chastity proclaimed and dashed off.

Dr. Paul just grinned. “I knew bringing her along would be good for her. Maybe I’ll get a full night’s sleep when we get home.”

He took me to a small meeting room.

“Seeing as how you have a natural mental shield, and there’s no way to mind-wipe you, I’ve decided to put you to use,” he said as we sat down at a conference table. “I figure what works for Points Club should work for the Psylons. We can hide them in plain sight, as a fiction.”

“You want me to write about people with mental powers?” I had to admit, it would be great story material.

“Mental powers and overactive libidos,” he added. “It should fit right in with your erotica ambitions and if something the Psylons do leaks out into the mainstream media, we can treat it as a publicity stunt. Everyone wins.”

Young fellow in the tattooings

I really like this idea.

Then he introduced me to them. “Marc, this is Perla Ferrara.”

The raven haired, green-eyed beauty was exotic and captivating. “Nice to meet you, Marc.”

I had to remember to breath.

“Yeah, she has that effect on me too.” I hadn’t even noticed the tall, imposing figure standing protectively behind the woman. There was a growl in his voice, but he smiled and held out his hand. “I’m Nick Salvitore.”

I spent three days with Perla and Nick, taking notes as they related their story to me. By the end my head was spinning. God, what a project. Up to this point I’d only written short stories. This was a novel.

“Don’t worry,” Dr. Paul said patting me on the shoulder. “We got you some help.” He handed me a business card.


“I know her. She posts comments on my blog. Hell, she inspired my last story.” I was amazed.

“Yeah,” Dr. Paul smiles. “She’s been following you, and we’ve been following her. Of course she won’t believe it’s all true. Just share the story and let her help you write it up.”

So it appears I’ve got a writing partner.


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