M is for Maya

The main room of the North Point Supper Club is a lonely place after 6:00pm. Most of the regulars are in the back setting up encounters or getting laid. Last night it was just Maya and me.

Maya’s the bartender that takes over when Harvey slips into his cowboy boots and assless chaps to host the Points Club meetings.

MA Taylor

Jet black hair and dark sultry eyes with flecks of blue and green that draw you like steel to a magnet. But the landscape doesn’t stop there. She has a small piercing on her cute button nose that will occasionally catch the dim light in the bar and draw your attention to the bangles hanging from her multi-pierced ears. She has quite a collection of earrings. Last night it was hoops and skulls. She looked daring, dangerous and damned sexy.

My mouth went dry just looking at her. Exotic…enticing. I decided there were advantages to not being the first one in the back rooms when the door opened.


“Do you have a good Zinfandel?” I thought something on the sweet side would go well with the exotic flavors Maya presented. My mind was drifting and so were my eyes, as they took in the tops of her perfect, palm-sized breasts and the intricate, colorful tattoos that ran down both arms.

“How come you’re not in the back rooms with the others, Marc?” Her eyes sparkled as she pursed her lips, the sides of her mouth drawing up in a mischievous grin.

I had to pull my thought away from her. This was business, and all I could think about was pleasure. “I’m waiting for someone.”

Tonight I was meeting another author here, the one who would help me write the Psylon’s story. Dr. Paul set it up. M. A. Taylor, the erotica author. I’d never meet her before, didn’t even know what she looked like.

“Maybe she’s already here.” Maya winked and slid a business card across the bar counter.


“You?” I couldn’t believe it.

“The M is for Maya.”

She showed me an old laptop sitting on a desk at the side of the bar.

Laptop On Table

“It gets lonely out here at night,” she looked off toward the back room, “and I certainly get a lot of erotic inspiration. I can only imagine what goes on back there…but I have a very vivid imagination.”

I could just picture her fingers rippling over the keyboard…okay, I was picturing her fingers rippling over my body, but it’s almost the same thing. I knew I had to steel my resolve. If we were going to be working together, sex could really get in the way.

“I went over the notes Dr. Fredericks sent me. Here’s what I’ve got so far and I have an idea.” She handed me a folder. “You write from Nick’s perspective, and I’ll write from Perla’s. We can get a true male/female viewpoint. Let’s go back and forth, chapter for chapter, and see what we can pound out.”

Yeah, pounding something out sounded like a great idea right about then.

She laughed. “God, Marc, I’m not a Psylon, but it doesn’t take much to read your mind right now.”

She leaned over the bar and brought her lips to mine. Her tongue pried my lips apart and teased my cock even harder.

“Okay,” I said gasping for air. “But we need to keep this professional.”

Her eyes sparkled. That mischievous grin was back. “Well, professionally, we may have to work our way through some of those sex scenes together.”

“Yeah,” I smiled, “there is that.”


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