Hey big spenders:

Just a quick update.

Yeah I know the price is completely unreasonable. I certainly don’t expect anyone to actually buy it. But it is available: http://www.amazon.com/Man-In-The-Shadows-collection/dp/1484804880/ref=tmm_pap_title_0

It’s full color, and I just wanted to see what it would cost to put a book out that way.

Then again it might just be a collectors item someday.


And here it is!

A Man in the shadows - season 1 - Half Cover

The entire first season of this blog, in brilliant living color and with links working (I hope). It appeared to be working on my iPad anyway.

The book includes all 4 of the short stories in sequence, as they appeared. It’s a great way to catch up on the blog, much easier than starting at the bottom and reading up, and all for just $4.99.

Get it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CIOFROA

There will also be a print version, coming soon, but because it’s full color the price had to be $34.99, so I don’t expect a lot of sales on that. (Collectors Item anyone?)


The end of a season.

A quick note: My short-short story, The morning after Armageddon, is featured today in Nikki Haze’s blog collection of apocalyptic erotica stories. You can find it here: http://nikkihazefever.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-erotic-apocalypse-is-coming.html?zx=5f4d0defc9ef3b15


Well, it’s been over 3 months since I started this blog and I’ve put up a lot of content, including four 99¢ short stories. There’s a lot more to come, including a novel by M. A. Taylor and myself.

I know how difficult it can be to catch up on a blog. It feels odd to start at the bottom and read up, at least for me, so I’ve decided to publish my blog in a more readable format, as a Kindle eBook and possibly a print book as well. Look for it soon.

The book will feature all the blogs up to this point and include the four short stories as well. So consider this the end of ‘season 1’ and tomorrow the start of ‘season 2’ here on my blog.

For those of you that have been here from the beginning, Thank You!

For those who’ve discovered me along the way, Welcome!

There’s a lot more to come.


A Naked Wedding


I don’t mean to make it sound like Points Club is the kind of place where people just have sex and leave their emotions at the door. Maybe it’s because I’m not looking for a relationship right now, that this blog makes it sound like that. Love happens in Points Club. The hook-up is more than just physical at times. With all the sex, people are bound to fall for each other. Love does happen.

That was brought home to me last night when I attended one of Points Club’s infamous naked weddings.

I don’t know Ronald and Kay very well. They’re into some hard BSDM, from what I understand, and haven’t had any desire to share their stories with me. Last weekend, the two tied the knot in a very traditional ceremony. Not being a close friend, I didn’t attend that one.

The tradition at Points Club is that at some point after two members get married, they are thrown a naked wedding. It’s really just an excuse to party that usually turns into a drunken orgy. This was my first naked wedding so I tried to stay relatively sober to observe.

Harvey closed the North Point Supper Club for the evening so he could pull Maya into the back room to bar-tend. Everyone got naked. Harvey even shed his assless chaps and cowboy boots. After a couple rounds of drinks we all assembled and tried to look solemn.

Sexy legz

The happy couple stood at the front of the room while Harvey conducted a hilariously raunchy ceremony he’d written.

“Dearly beloved, you poor saps. We gather here today to watch this cock and this cunt…both become pussies…”

He went on to extol the virtues of Points Club, and warn Ron and Kay about all the sex they were potentially giving up by getting married. During the exchange of Ron and Kay vowed to continue having sex with other club members (when they had the time) while staying true to each other in their hearts.

It was all kind of bizarre, but completely tongue-in-cheek, with most of us giggling uncontrollably through the whole thing. At the end Harvey declared it a ‘points free’ night and we cheered the couple as they kissed. The kiss led to much more and it wasn’t long before everyone joined in. The ‘dance floor’ filled with writhing bodies. I managed to stay back for a while, just observing, until Candy Kane came over, grabbed me by the cock, and just pulled me in.

It was a nice night.

Candy’s Virgin

Candy's Virgin Cover

Candy’s Virgin is live and available for sale. I hope you enjoy this story about one of the Points Club’s sexiest vixens and one of our newest members.

Get it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C8WWHPE


When it comes to sex, Candy’s tried it all—men, women, threesomes, whips, chains and orgies. But there is one thing Candy’s never had, and a unique auction at Points Club is set to offer just that. She’s not about to be overbid. A virgin. The mere thought get’s Candy’s core dripping with excitement. She can’t wait to get her hands on him.

Trevor’s life was a mess until he met psychologist Paul Fredericks. Two years of therapy and an invitation to the Points Club have put him on the right track. But will a night with the vivacious Candy Kane derail him, or will he be able to bring the train into the station.

Points Club is a piece of the erotic drama taking place on Marc Stevens’ popular blog, A Man in the shadows. This story stands alone, but you can get the background and catch up on the continuing erotic drama by visiting https://marcstevenserotica.wordpress.com/

5,400 sexy words.

Trinity Chase

From the moment she stepped through the doorway of the North Point Supper club, all eyes were on the gorgeous woman with the flame-red hair.

Sexy redhead

It was just before 6:00pm and the doors to the infamous back rooms hadn’t opened yet, so the barroom was filled with Points Club regulars. I was at the bar talking with Maya about some chapter edits, when the hush fell.

“She’s not in the club,” Maya whispered as I turned to see what had everyone’s attention. Sleek, sophisticated and sexy as hell, she brought with her an aura of dark seduction.

“She’s not in the club…yet,” I whispered back to Maya, as I rose and went to greet the newcomer.

“My God, it’s true,” she gasped as I approached. “Find the sleaziest night club in your area and go see if that’s where all the beautiful people hang out.”


She was quoting from my blog. “Hi, I’m Marc.” I held out my hand and she took it. “You look lost.” Warm, ivory skin caressed my hand.

“Actually, I think I’ve found exactly what I was looking for.” Her eyes sparkled in the dim light of the bar. “Are you Marc Stevens?”

Wow, I really didn’t think the strategy would work, and wondered how many other people were checking out sleazy night clubs around the country. But here she was, everything Points Club had been hoping to attract.

“Guilty,” I admitted. “I take it you read my blog?”

“Every time you post. It’s pretty hot.” She wasn’t the least bit shy about it. “I’m Trinity Chase.”

My stomach dropped. “The Trinity Chase? With the erotica blog?”

“Guilty,” she echoed, “and I know you read my blog.”

I had to smile. I was a huge fan. I’d even left her some comments and likes. “You’re stuff is great.”

I led her to the bar and bought her a drink. Maya raised an eyebrow as she served us, so I introduced her to Trinity. It turned out the two were friends through their WordPress blogs and Facebook. We talked and laughed about the coincidence of running into each other. Then Trinity got serious.

“Marc, I can help you.” There was a devilish glint in her deep violet eyes. “I know you’re working hard on that novel with Maya. I could help you write up the Points Club stories.”

She was a good writer, I knew that from her blog, and I was backed up on the Points Club stories. Maya gave me a nod, like she was okay with it too, so I went for it.

“Alright, let’s do this,” I said. We exchanged email addresses and I agreed to send her some of my notes.

“If we’re going to do this right, though, you will probably want to talk to some of the Points Club members yourself…and that means you’ll need to join the club and get approval from the council.” I had a feeling there wouldn’t be a problem.

“Whatever it takes,” Trinity said, running a finger down my chest. “And I do mean whatever…”

And just like that my partnership became a writer’s ménage à trios.