Candy’s Virgin

Candy's Virgin Cover

Candy’s Virgin is live and available for sale. I hope you enjoy this story about one of the Points Club’s sexiest vixens and one of our newest members.

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When it comes to sex, Candy’s tried it all—men, women, threesomes, whips, chains and orgies. But there is one thing Candy’s never had, and a unique auction at Points Club is set to offer just that. She’s not about to be overbid. A virgin. The mere thought get’s Candy’s core dripping with excitement. She can’t wait to get her hands on him.

Trevor’s life was a mess until he met psychologist Paul Fredericks. Two years of therapy and an invitation to the Points Club have put him on the right track. But will a night with the vivacious Candy Kane derail him, or will he be able to bring the train into the station.

Points Club is a piece of the erotic drama taking place on Marc Stevens’ popular blog, A Man in the shadows. This story stands alone, but you can get the background and catch up on the continuing erotic drama by visiting

5,400 sexy words.


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