A Naked Wedding


I don’t mean to make it sound like Points Club is the kind of place where people just have sex and leave their emotions at the door. Maybe it’s because I’m not looking for a relationship right now, that this blog makes it sound like that. Love happens in Points Club. The hook-up is more than just physical at times. With all the sex, people are bound to fall for each other. Love does happen.

That was brought home to me last night when I attended one of Points Club’s infamous naked weddings.

I don’t know Ronald and Kay very well. They’re into some hard BSDM, from what I understand, and haven’t had any desire to share their stories with me. Last weekend, the two tied the knot in a very traditional ceremony. Not being a close friend, I didn’t attend that one.

The tradition at Points Club is that at some point after two members get married, they are thrown a naked wedding. It’s really just an excuse to party that usually turns into a drunken orgy. This was my first naked wedding so I tried to stay relatively sober to observe.

Harvey closed the North Point Supper Club for the evening so he could pull Maya into the back room to bar-tend. Everyone got naked. Harvey even shed his assless chaps and cowboy boots. After a couple rounds of drinks we all assembled and tried to look solemn.

Sexy legz

The happy couple stood at the front of the room while Harvey conducted a hilariously raunchy ceremony he’d written.

“Dearly beloved, you poor saps. We gather here today to watch this cock and this cunt…both become pussies…”

He went on to extol the virtues of Points Club, and warn Ron and Kay about all the sex they were potentially giving up by getting married. During the exchange of Ron and Kay vowed to continue having sex with other club members (when they had the time) while staying true to each other in their hearts.

It was all kind of bizarre, but completely tongue-in-cheek, with most of us giggling uncontrollably through the whole thing. At the end Harvey declared it a ‘points free’ night and we cheered the couple as they kissed. The kiss led to much more and it wasn’t long before everyone joined in. The ‘dance floor’ filled with writhing bodies. I managed to stay back for a while, just observing, until Candy Kane came over, grabbed me by the cock, and just pulled me in.

It was a nice night.


6 responses to “A Naked Wedding

    • Has Dr. Paul got you certified yet? Everyone’s looking forward to you joining in the fun. As for the naked wedding, I hear Anthony Edward proposed to Rena Howard last night after the orgy. Quite frankly, I’m not sure how he knew who he was making love to. But anyway, looks like there will be another naked wedding soon.

      • Doc. said I should be good to go by this weekend. (CC: happy dance…)

        I have to admit that Anthony and Rena’s wedding would be my first orgy. (Now that’s something that you don’t hear every day!) :o)

  1. The whole night was really was quite interesting. Body shots all around. And Marc I saw you dancing out there. I can’t wait for you to join the club Trinity.

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