The end of a season.

A quick note: My short-short story, The morning after Armageddon, is featured today in Nikki Haze’s blog collection of apocalyptic erotica stories. You can find it here:


Well, it’s been over 3 months since I started this blog and I’ve put up a lot of content, including four 99¢ short stories. There’s a lot more to come, including a novel by M. A. Taylor and myself.

I know how difficult it can be to catch up on a blog. It feels odd to start at the bottom and read up, at least for me, so I’ve decided to publish my blog in a more readable format, as a Kindle eBook and possibly a print book as well. Look for it soon.

The book will feature all the blogs up to this point and include the four short stories as well. So consider this the end of ‘season 1’ and tomorrow the start of ‘season 2’ here on my blog.

For those of you that have been here from the beginning, Thank You!

For those who’ve discovered me along the way, Welcome!

There’s a lot more to come.



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