My penis sponsors a show.

You may have already seen it. If not, it’s right here:


This was really not my fault…

Sex Happens

Amy and I continue to be best friends, even though we’re not sleeping together anymore. She’s got this new boyfriend and I’ve got the Points Club. But we still hang out together.

Our newest activity is drinking wine and surfing the internet for the craziest stuff. Last week she was over and I took a break from editing the next Points Club story (Coming soon). We were on our second bottle of wine when we stumble upon Beer and Board Games (

We watched a few episodes and were in a great mood.

“Look, you can sponsor stuff in the show,” Amy said pointing at the screen. “You should do that. Tell people about our stories.”

So I decide to try it. I’m going to have them name a gaming piece after me. I fill out the form and I’m almost ready to hit send, when Amy takes the last sip of wine from her glass. She tilts the glass at me and gives me that look. “Another?”  I can’t resist. Well my glass was almost empty anyway, so I get up and refill both our glasses.

When I sit back down I do a quick scan of the page. Everything looks fine, so I hit send. Amy starts laughing her ass off. I look back at the screen and notice Amy had added one little word to the form. Penis. Yeah, sometimes she’s crazy like that.

“Do you think they’ll do it?” she asked.

I had to laugh. What the heck.

Well they did, and it’s hilarious.

To those of you coming here from Beer and Board Games, welcome!

To show my appreciation I’m giving away one of my stories, That Girl Across the Hall. You can get it FREE on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle reader app. now through Monday. Get it here:

It’s a story about Amy, so I consider it sweet revenge.



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