Sex on the Beach

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the United States, and the weather is beautiful. I’d been working hard on Tina’s Poolboy and decided I’d earned some time off. Writing about Tina and Trevor’s poolside adventure made me think of swimming. I knew just where I wanted to go. I changed into my swim trunks, packed a cooler with ice and beer, and headed to this secluded beach I’d just recently discovered.

It was quiet, sunny and invigorating. I took a quick swim, then stretched out in the sun on my towel to catch up on some reading and enjoy a beer.

“Hi Marc.” Two sexy voices in tandem, drew my attention. I looked up from my book to spot the Lopez twins jogging along the beach.

Sex on the Beach

Karen and Kathy Lopez are Points Club members, and almost identical twins. I’m just learning to tell them apart. Karen has slightly larger breasts, while Kathy has fuller, more sensual lips. Both are stunning and sexy.

“Fancy meeting you here,” I said and offered them a beer. Not surprisingly they both accepted.

“We live just down the beach,” Kathy explained, “and it was a great day for a run on the beach.”

They settled down on my towel. It’s not a big towel, and they sat close. Two warm, soft bodies that smelled of flowers and spice sidled close, one on either side of me. I had nothing to complain about.

“Oh, your suit’s wet,” Karen said settling in on my right side.

“You should take that off and let it dry in the sun,” Kathy added, a mischievous smile crossing her face.

I laughed. “I didn’t know this was a nude beach.”

Kathy crawled almost onto my lap, kneeling between my legs. “Tell you what, Marc. You take off that suit and we’ll give you something to write about on that sexy blog of yours.”

How could I resist. I stood up and smiled down at her. “I might need a little help with this wet swimming suit, though.”

Kathy, still kneeling in front of me, hooked her fingers under the waistband of my suit and pulled down. My cock, hard as a rock, popped out staring her right in the face. Kathy wrapped her hot hand around it. God, it felt so good.

Karen stood and came toward me as Kathy slid my cock into her sexy mouth. I knew where this was leading, and decided to take some initiative.

“No fair, me being the only one naked,” I said and grabbed at the tie on Karen’s string bikini top.

As her incredible breasts spilled out I cradled one and guided it to my mouth. Her nipple hardened and she arched her back to give me full access.

Kathy’s tongue was doing a dance across the head of my cock as I slid my hand into Karen’s bikini bottom. Smooth shaved, and wet as hell, Karen gasped as I pushed my fingers into her. Yeah, I wanted some of this.

“This is going to cost us points, you know,” Karen said. She was the only one without their mouth full at that moment.

By that point I was riding the edge of an orgasm. I pulled away from Karen’s breast. “So, who wants to earn three points,” I said, ready to pay up and bury my cock in either of them.

Kathy released me and stood to push down her bikini bottoms. “Me.” She cast her sister an evil glance. “It’s my turn.”

Obviously the two work in tandem a lot. Any guy with a twins fantasy would want these girls in his bed. Karen frowned as Kathy lay back on my towel and spread her incredible legs. I knelt between her thighs and shoved in. She was warm, wet and ready.

Karen wiggled out of the rest of her swim suit and stood to the right of us. I took the opportunity to shove a finger back into her. “Oh yeah, keep doing that,” she sighed.

I pumped into Kathy and fingered Karen until I couldn’t hold back any more. Kathy writhed in the grip of her own orgasm as I pumped my load into her.

But I wasn’t done yet. I turned and ran my tongue between Karen’s legs, finding her clit, as I continued to finger her channel. “Oh God, you’re going to earn those three points right back if you keep that up.”

So I did. She tasted like raw sex and I can’t think of a better way to break even.

The girls stayed a while, as the sun began to set. We drank more beer and chatted, then took a refreshing skinny dip, playing in the water and having a great time ‘accidentally’ bumping into each other.

Hot Wet Couple 2

This led to me breaking even the other way.

It was an incredible evening, and everyone ended up with the same points they started with.

I love the beach.


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