The fireworks during the fireworks.

I’m recovering this morning from a fabulous Independence Day party.  (So is HE, which is why he let me loose for the day)

It’s a well kept secret that the best place in town to watch the 4th of July fireworks display is on the roof of the North Point Super Club. A clear, unobstructed view across the river to the park where the city’s masses tend to gather.

I could see the distant glow of sparklers and hear the pop of firecrackers as the sun sank below the horizon. There were about forty of us up on the flat-roofed back portion of the club. Harvey set out a table of snacks and was mixing drinks behind a makeshift bar constructed of two wine barrels and some boards. His traditional garb of assless chaps and cowboy boots was augmented with a red, white and blue Uncle Sam top-hat and bowtie. And yeah, his flagpole was at full-mast in the night breeze. Very patriotic.

After a few drinks, the party started to loosen up, and clothes started coming off. This party was considered ‘point free’ so anything went…and just about everything did.

As the fireworks started exploding above, and impromptu game of strip fireworks broke out. If you were wearing a piece of clothing the same color as the firework, you had to take it off. It didn’t take long before there were a large number of very naked people, including me, standing around on the roof.

Well, after that things just started to combust. Couples, trios and larger groups broke off to make their way downstairs to the rooms. Others just started in right on the roof, rolling around on the blankets spread out just for that purpose.

I got a refill on my drink from Harvey, and made my way to a comfortable chaise lounge where I could observe all the activity going on all around me.

Yeah, of course I was hard, but I wasn’t ready to dive in just yet. I wanted to lock it all in. I knew I’d have to blog about this.

“Oh no Marc. No more staying on the sidelines. Not on a points free night.” Kathy Lopez stood over me, very beautiful in the bursting flashes of the fireworks overhead, and also very naked. She swung a leg over the chaise and just lowered her very moist and ready self onto me.

After that…fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks.

Fireworks cluster

Happy Independence Day!