She’s in the club.

Just an update to yesterday’s blog.

Amy slept on it, and hadn’t changed her mind about joining Points Club this morning, so I gave in. I called Harvey to set up an appointment.

“No appointment necessary,” Harvey told me. “We’ve been hoping she’d want to join us. She’s already passed all the criteria. She just has to get an appointment with Dr. Paul and she’s all set.”

So I called Paul, sure that he’d be busy.

“I’m not doing anything important this morning. Bring her around at ten. It shouldn’t take long to get her checked out and certified.”

Had everyone anticipated Amy’s decision but me?

“Well, I did talk with Tina the other day,” Amy admitted when I drove her to Dr. Paul’s house. “I wanted to get a girl’s viewpoint on the club.”

Yeah, that would do it. Tina was great at spotting and recruiting potential candidates.

Still, I wasn’t sure this was right for Amy. I have to admit, something inside me is fighting this. Well, maybe Paul would find something that would keep her out of the club, though that’s not really something I should be hoping for my best friend.

I needn’t have worried. Amy passed the physical and the psychological exam with flying colors.

“Well, that’s it,” I told her. “You’re in Points Club.”

She looked me right in the eye and said. “Not yet. I need one more thing.”

“What,” I asked.

“Your blessing.”


How could I refuse?



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