Sex and Lasers

So I took Amy to Points Club last night for her first time. She was excited, but I was still a bit leery. Okay, I do tend to be a little over protective of her, but she is my best friend. Anyway, I shouldn’t have worried. Tina Atkins came over, right as we entered the Points Club back room, helping Amy circulate and get to know the guys. There was a big rivalry among them as to who would be her ‘first’ and Tina settled it with a laser tag challenge. Eight of the guys signed up to ‘shoot it out’ at the old laser tag building. All the points would go to Amy, to get her started, and Amy would also ‘get’ the winner for the night.

I’ve written about the Points Club laser tag complex before. If you’re new to the blog you can find that post here:

As everyone shuffled out, it occurred to me that I had my laser tag story almost finished, so instead of checking the Points Club posting board, I decided to finish it up  and get it published. This morning I noticed it was already up and available on Amazon. So here it is:

Sex and Lasers Cover


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