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Yup, Raider of the Lost Blonde is available:

Raider Cover

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Raider of the Lost Blond

I had planned to have this out this weekend, but things came up.

Anyway, the story is almost finished, and I wanted to share the cover of the next Points Club story with you.

Raider Cover

I’m hoping to have it out by tomorrow.


A girl and her gun.


It isn’t often a beautiful blonde woman pulls a gun on me in a bar. Okay, to be truthful, it’s never happened before, and I hope it never happens again, but this little life changing event lead to two great stories and one of the most interesting nights I’ve ever spend at the North Point Supper Club.

Beauty with gun

I hadn’t planned on sex that night. Oh, I’d checked the board for anything interesting, but I only planned on getting a drink and chatting with some of the Points Club regulars for a few minutes. I really needed to get back home to work on the novel.

Yes, I really am writing a novel with M. A. Taylor. The rough draft is finished, and right now it’s sitting in my lap to do the first big edit. That’s why I haven’t been posting as much as I would like.

But what happened last night…well, I just had to take a break from editing to write down. I’ll get the stories up soon, then get back to the novel.

Now, the problem with Candy Kane is that it’s hard to know where to look when she enters a room. She has these perfect breasts that she knows just how to display and they tend to attract every eye in the room. If you can drag your gaze upwards, her intense blue eyes and pouty red lips will knock you for a loop. All the while, you have to remind yourself to keep breathing because, yeah, you’ve stopped doing that.

Anyway, one of the last places you would think to check out, while looking at Candy Kane, is her hands, and that’s how she caught me by surprise when I finally noticed the gun she was holding.

“Hey, Marc, would you mind being shot?”

Okay, with her ‘died and gone to heaven’ takes on a whole new meaning, but I didn’t think I was quite ready to take it that far. After all, I do have a novel to finish.

I raised my hands. “What did I do? What did I do?”

She giggled, and looked down at the gun. “No, this is just one of the prop paint ball guns we use in role playing. I want you to play the bad guy in a scenario, but you’d need to be shot. It’s just a small part to get things going, but I’ll pay you two points.”

She batted those big blue eyes at me. “Please?”

Okay, maybe I’m a sucker for a pretty face, but I caved. “Does it hurt?”

I hadn’t even noticed Alan Johnson standing behind her. (Well, who would?) “It stings a little, but not bad,” he said leaning over Candy’s shoulder. The guy was wearing a brown leather jacket and fedora, and brandishing a bullwhip. It was the full Indiana Jones outfit. “I’ve shot people before. It’s perfectly safe.”

Well, how could I say no? I had to know what was going on. “Is this going to be something for me to write about?”

Candy brought the gun barrel to her lips, blowing across it like it was smoking.

“Count on it.”

Too Sexy for Amazon? Find out FREE!

Well, I made all the changes and resubmitted Candy’s Virgin (Now Candy’s Conquest) and it’s up for sale once again.

Candy's Conquest Cover

To celebrate Amazon’s little intrusion into my creativity, I’ve decided to give it away FREE for the next 4 days. Now through Monday you can get Candy’s Conquest for FREE here:

Find out for yourself if it’s just too sexy!

Too Sexy For Amazon

I received an email today from Amazon:


During our review, we found that the following book(s) is in violation of
our content guidelines (see list below for details):

Candy’s Virgin (Points Club) (ASIN: B00C8WWHPE) – Description, Title, Cover

If you wish, you may make changes to your book (images, title, description,
and interior content) to comply with the KDP Content Guidelines and
re-submit it for publishing.

You can find our content guidelines on the Kindle Direct Publishing website:

We’ve set your book to “Draft” status. Upon changing your content, please
re-submit your book for publishing in order for your book to be made
available for sale in the Kindle Store.

We appreciate your understanding.

Kindle Direct Publishing


Seriously? I thought the title, description and cover picture were quite tame compared to many others I’ve seen on Amazon, but I’m a lover not a fighter, so I have re titled, changed the blurb, and edited the cover picture.

Candy's Conquest Cover

Rest assured, the story has not changed.

It’s still pending. We’ll see if this flies.