Going Exclusive.

Candy and Alan sat across from me last night in one of the booths in the back room of the North Point Supper Club. They hadn’t been in since the events I wrote about in Raider of the Lost blonde. Tonight was a party to celebrate them going exclusive.

“I can’t believe you two won’t be hanging around here anymore,” I told them. Alan smiled and looked at Candy.

Going exclusive in the Points Club was the equivalent of going steady in the real world. Two people agreed to have sex, at least mostly, with each other. They still retained their points and Points Club privileges, but didn’t have to spend points on each other. It allowed members to explore relationships, without quitting the club.

“We’ll be around,” Alan assured me, “just not as often.”

Candy ran her tongue around those ruby red lips of hers. “I’ll want you to play the villain again, every once in a while, if you’re open to it.”

God! Just thinking back on that night gave me one huge hard-on. I’d played the bad guy in Candy’s Indiana Jones fantasy. It had been quite an adventure.

“I will be fun,” I answered, “as long as I have someone waiting for me in the anti-room.”

“Was Claudia there?” A mischievous twinkle sparkled in Candy’s eyes. “I haven’t had a chance to talk with her yet.”

“Oh yeah.” I couldn’t help smiling. “I was well taken care of.”

Alan stood and pulled Candy into his arms. “Well, we better mingle. It is our party after all.”

“Thanks again, Marc,” Candy added as they headed off, Alan’s hand moving down to cup Candy’s perfect ass.

I took a sip of my wine, wondering if I’d ever get a chance to have Candy even once. She and Alan seemed to be pretty tight. I was happy for them, but I did sigh a bit in regret. Candy was one awesome woman.


Speaking of awesome women, Claudia Halverson slid into the booth across from me, taking the seat Candy and Alan had just vacated. I knew what she was asking, but decided to play dumb.

“Well What?”

Claudia had taken me to a little place called heaven, after Candy’s Indiana Jones adventure had left me. Yeah, that incredible night had given me two stories to write.

“Are you going to write that story?” They all think this writing thing is easy. Claudia hunched over the table, giving me an incredible view of the tops of her breasts as they popped from the top of her low cut blouse.

It reminded me of what she’d done with them that night, and my cock wanted more.

“I might need to do a reenactment, just to get some of the scenes right,” I answered, shooting her a cocky grin.

She leaned over even further, pressing her lips to mine. Her teeth gently tugged my lower lip as she pulled away. “Any time, stud.” Her smile was wicked.

I chuckled. “Actually, it’s almost done. Give me a few more days to polish it, and I’ll have it available.”

I opened my laptop and brought up the cover for her to see, and she squealed in delight.

oiled cover

Coming soon!