I’m back…but where did I go???

Holy crap! June?

Fuck, tell me I’m still dreaming. The last thing I remember was New Years Day. Amy and I spent most of the New Years holiday in bed, just enjoying each other. I remember falling asleep with her in my arms the evening of January 1st. Then…nothing.

God, this is scary. I knocked on Amy’s door across the hall, and some old lady answered. She told me Amy moved out about three months ago. She didn’t know why or where she went.

I went to the North Point Supper Club, and the place is closed. I looked in the windows and everything is dust covered. It looks like it hasn’t been occupied in months. None of the phone numbers I have for Points Club members are being picked up. Most are out of service.

Six fucking months, and I don’t remember anything.

If anyone out there knows what happened to me…please let me know…




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