Honey Moon Night

I felt the orgasmic wave cascade over Heather’s body as Jim plunged to the depths again and again. I could also feel his mounting release. It was as if I was experiencing both people from the inside, feeling everything they were feeling.

Heather and Jim are a young couple that live in the apartment two doors down from mine. I don’t know them well. They moved in during my ‘dead’ times. My confusion was sublimated by a voyeuristic curiosity. Why was I seeing them make love from inside their heads?

I woke sweat drenched and horny as hell. The dream had been strange enough, but the pain I was feeling in my lower regions was beyond anything I’d ever felt. A growling need, like hunger but centered below the stomach.

“We thought you might be affected by the Honey Moon.”

Her voice was familiar. My mysterious visitor from about a week ago was back. Her sleek, sexy lines were drenched in the pale moonlight that filtered through my bedroom window.

Gossip - woman with finger over lips
“I’m feeling the effects as well.” Wan light illuminated her bare breasts, nipples pebbled hard in arousal. “I need you as much as you need me right now.”

She slid into my bed and took me to heaven, again and again until, exhausted, I fell back to sleep.

When I woke this morning, she was gone.

I found this story on the Honey Moon last night: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/no-human-has-seen-tonights-honey-moon-in-almost-100-yea-1590096626/+kushkush

I’m still confused as to why it affected me like that. Then again, it could all have been a dream. In any case, the pain is gone.


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