Answers at last.

“How are you doing, Marc?”

I was surprised as hell when I opened my apartment door to find Dr. Paul Fredericks standing there.
Paul Fredericks

“Dr. Paul. Come in, come in.” If anyone had some answers for me it would be Paul. “You do remember me, right? And Points Club?”

I held my breath. Over the past week I’d encountered some of the Points Club members in town. When I said “Hi” and asked them what they were doing they looked at me like I was crazy—like they didn’t know me.

“Yeah, Marc, I remember it all,” he said. “I meant to be here before this. We had an emergency at the Psylon base, and I just couldn’t make it until now.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. I’ve been starting to think I was crazy. That I’d imagined my whole life.

He came in and I got us both a cup of coffee. He did a quick medical checkup on me as he launched into an incredible story.

“Points Club, while real enough, was really all an illusion created to help the Psylons. It allowed Psylons the consistent sex they need to live, without endangering the local populations, and provided a wide range of sexual situations to sate the Psylon hungers.”

It turns out that, while most Points Club members believed the club to be decades old, it was actually created only a few years ago, by Psylons changing people’s memories, to provide for their needs. Paul assured me they chose only those who would not be harmed in the long run. Now that the Psylons had found a new base, and were coming together and able to satisfy their own sexual needs, Points Clubs were being disbanded and most of the members were having their old memories restored, and all memory of the club wiped.

“Most?” I asked, curious about the others.

“A second reason behind the Points Club experiment, was to find the next generation of Psylons,” Paul explained. “We accepted a few, already accustomed to an overly sexual lifestyle, who volunteered to undergo a new Psylon process we’ve been working on.”

He paused, then added, “People like you.”

Oh yeah, there’s more…lots more. I need to wrap my head around it before I put it in this blog, but it’s coming.



Stay tuned.


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