Heather and Jim.

There’s a young couple that lives just two apartments down from mine. I’ve only run into them a couple of times in the hallways, so I don’t know them very well. But lately I’m getting to know them really well.

sexy couple

Most of the other people in the apartments around me are older and a bit more settled, but these two…well, the hormones are raging. They spend a good deal of the time they’re home together in bed.


How do I know this?


Well, it seems as my mind adjusts to the drugs that are turning me into a Psylon, it’s really easy to pick up on the thoughts of people generating a lot of sexual energy, and get drawn into their heads. And seriously, these two go at it a lot.


It’s not like I’m a voyeur, well maybe it’s exactly like that, but it’s nothing I can help. It’s all part of this change that hopefully I’ll learn to control better soon. In the mean time, it’s completely distracting, and makes me horny as hell, but on the plus side they sometimes give me some great inspiration for my writing. They can be quite adventurous in their lovemaking.


So I’ve started writing again. Hopefully I’ll have something soon. Another short story, maybe even a novella. I’ve got to find a use for all this inspiration.


Their lives otherwise, are a bit mundane, so I’ll have to create a little fiction, if I ever want to use these scenes, but that’s kind of what I set out to do, before my life got so off course. Maybe I’ll try my hand at a made up story for a change. But the sex scenes, yeah, those will be real. I couldn’t invent better than Heather and Jim.


God, I hope Angel stops by tonight.

Gossip - woman with finger over lips



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