The people watching the people watching me.

It all seemed a little too convenient, I know. Someone like Sarah showing up at the 4th of July fireworks, looking for me. Okay, I was horny and not thinking very clearly. That Psylon hunger thing Dr. Paul told me about, is very real.

Sexy woman with champagne over fireworks background
Anyway, I remember some of the Psylons I’d met on my visit to their hidden base telling me about mind shields. At the time, I had to just take their word that such things existed. But now I’ve encountered one, and know exactly how they feel. So I’m starting to wonder if she specifically targeted me?

sexy coupleI may not be able to read her mind, but there are other minds around that are like open books. Take Heather and Jim. That young couple I told you about that lives just a few doors down from me. They’re starting to notice strange people hanging around. Businessmen People who don’t live in the apartment building, but seem to always be wondering through.


Something is definitely going on. I’ve even picked Sarah’s face from the minds of many of my neighbors. I think she’s been spying on me.


It’s something I’m going to have to investigate further.


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