It’s about more than just sex.

I’ve been stumbling around the last few days, trying to get my head around this romance thing. Not the Amy and me romance thing. I get that. I love her. I really do.

But this writing romance thing? That’s got me puzzled. How to go about it, change things up.
So I’ve been doing some research. The Romance Writers of America ( and I guess they’re the experts) say basically a romance has a central love story and an optimistic, satisfying (‘Happy ever after’, or at least ‘happy for now’) ending. That shouldn’t be too hard, but it does mean I’ll have to take my writing deeper, and really get into the minds and emotions of my characters.

Candy's Conquest CoverRaider Cover

Probably the closest I’ve come to that was Candy’s Conquest. That was certainly a much deeper story than most of mine, but then again Candy and Trevor both had some pretty heavy stuff in their pasts. Still, they didn’t end up together. As I recall Candy ended up with Alan. So was Raider of the lost Blonde somewhat closer to what I’m aiming at?

Lots of questions. I need more research. And, of course, I’m doing a lot of romance reading. We will see…


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