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This is my first week blogging with the Romance Writers Weekly crew. I’m excited to have been accepted into this wonderful coalition and I’m looking forward to joining in on their activities. You can find the group daily on our Facebook page and each week we blog about a different topic.

If you are joining me here from the wonderful LOVExtra – Romance Reviews blog, welcome. If not, feel free to jump back and see what Tracy Gee had to say on today’s topic.

And speaking of that topic, let’s dive in: Today Brenda Margriet wants us to: talk about “Firsts.” Everyone can choose their top three “First” memories and write about those (they don’t have to be on the list here). Some suggestions are: First book you remember reading (or being read to you). First romance novel you fell in love with. First “big” trip (eg. out of country, out of state/province, without parents). First love/kiss. First pet. First Christmas/other holiday (eg. when you were a child, after you were married, after your first child.)

Chef d'Amour


And don’t forget to check out Brenda’s delicious romance novel, Chef d’Amour:





As a fictional character (and yes, I know I’m breaking the forth wall here, but hey, if Deadpool can do it…), I don’t have a lot of history to delve into. Still, I do have a number of firsts. One of the advantages of being fictional is that, for the most part, everything is written down somewhere.

Like my first day of life. Who else can remember their birth? I do. January 12th 2013. Yup three years ago today. And you can relive it with me here:

Then there was my first published work, That girl across the hall. Just a short story I whipped out to test the waters.

girl across the hall

If you want to check that out, I just happen to be giving that away FREE:


Hurry, the sale ends today.


And for my last first. It’s the reason I came back. The reason I’m here today. My first professionally published story. Coming January 27 (or there about) my first novella, Suburban Spies, will be released from Soul Mate Publishing in the anthology Cherished Secrets.









To continue on the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop check out A. S. Fenichel’s firsts at:



And also check out her amazing paranormal romance, Ascension. Now on SALE for just 99¢:


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