Romance Writers Weekly – Inspiration.


Welcome to the Romance Writers Weekly Blog Hop.

The Romance Writers Weekly crew is a group of romance writers who hang out on our Facebook Page, and do a weekly blog hop to answer questions about our writing and face writing challenges.

If you’ve just hopped over from J.J. Devine’s blog post, welcome.

Into the Darkness

If you’re starting your blog hop here, feel free to jump back and see what J.J. had to say. Also check out her wonderful paranormal novel, Into The Darkness.


J.J. has also provided our topic for the day: What inspires you? Music? Reading? Movies? People in your life? Situations in life? What gets you motivated to sit down and write?


My inspiration comes right from my characters. As a fictional character myself, I get the chance to sit down over a beer or glass of wine and hear their stories first hand. Do I embellish? Sure, it’s my right as an author. But the story, the inspiration, comes right from the mouths of my characters.

For instance, earlier this autumn I was invited to a backyard barbecue at Mike’s house out in the suburbs. There I met Slade Steele, a CIA secret agent.

Fashion photo of sexy elegant couple in the tender passion

Now normally Slade wouldn’t tell anyone he’s a secret agent. But with me, he happily spilled a wonderful, sexy story about how he met Jennifer (Not your average girl next door). It’s the story  I entitled Suburban Spies, and it will be coming out January 27th in the Soul Mate anthology Cherished Secrets.

I don’t know. My characters just love telling me their stories. Maybe I’m just that easy to talk to.

So, what inspires Leslie Hachtel? Hop on over to her blog at to find out.

And check out her wonderful historical romance The Defiant Bride. It’s a steal at just 99¢.

The Defiant Bride



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