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Welcome to the Romance Writers Weekly Blog Hop.

The Romance Writers Weekly crew is a group of romance writers who hang out on our Facebook Page, and do a weekly blog hop to answer questions about our writing and face writing challenges.

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The Blarmling Dilemma by S. C. Mitchell

The Blarmling Dilemma by S. C. Mitchell

Today’s topic comes from Brenda Margriet who wants us to: Describe your perfect writing space/retreat. Do you need hustle and bustle or peace and quiet? Coffee shop or secluded cabin?

Over the past few months I’ve been retooling my writing, moving more into erotic romance from pure erotica. My next big project will be a series of novellas set in the beautiful (fictional) city of Bayside, a cozy artisan community with a nice ocean harbor (I haven’t decided which ocean yet.)



I’m in the process of populating my community, but one of the first residents created was Rachel, who runs this wonderful coffee shop.

Young Woman Paying A Bill By Credit Card

Well, it’s a warm, and inspiring place to hang out, and being fictional myself, I’ve written in a special table in the corner where I can write, drink coffee, and observe the fun people of Bayside. Almost everyone in town wonders in eventually, so it’s a great place to write.

The working title for my current work is: A Passion for Painting.

Young Painter in Art StudioSexy passionate couple

Now go check out Brenda Margriet’s post at: As it’s her idea, I’ll bet she has a great post planned.

And also check out her tasty novel, Chef d’Amour:

Chef d'Amour by Brenda Margriet.

Chef d’Amour by Brenda Margriet.