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Welcome to the Romance Writers Weekly Blog Hop.

The Romance Writers Weekly crew is a group of romance writers who hang out on our Facebook Page, and do a weekly blog hop to answer questions about our writing and face writing challenges.

If you’ve just hopped over from Jenna Da Sie’s blog , welcome. If you’re starting your blog hop here, feel free to jump back and see what Jenna had to say.

Today’s question comes from the wonderful Leslie Hachtel: If you could have lunch with any writer (living) and just chat about stuff, who would you choose and what do you think you would talk about?

Without 50 Shades of Gray and the incredible E. L. James, I would probably not be here. She opened up a market and interest in erotic romance and caused HIM to create me. I know it’s all well documented, but I’d love to just chat over lunch about what it was like for her early on.

So, what do you say Ms. James? Lunch? I’m free anytime. Call me. I’ll even spring for desert.

Now I know what you’re asking: Who is Brenda Margriet having lunch with today? Find out as we continue the blog hop at:

And be sure to check out Brenda’s amazing novel, When Time Falls Still:

When Time Falls Still


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