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Welcome to the Romance Writers Weekly Blog Hop.

The Romance Writers Weekly crew is a group of romance writers who hang out on our Facebook Page, and do a weekly blog hop to answer questions about our writing and face writing challenges.

I’m taking the hand-off from S. C. Mitchell today. If you missed him, or are starting here and want to hop back, he’s at:

And check out his sexy space opera series, Hearts in Orbit:


Click to check out Wishing Game by A.S. Fenichel

Click to check out Wishing Game by A.S. Fenichel

Today’s topic comes from A.S. Fenichel – If you live in the U.S., How did you spend yesterday? Tell us about your Independance day weekend. Now make up a really short story about how you wish you’d spent it. Can be as long or as short as you want, but make us wish we’d been there too. Oh and if you live outside the U.S., you can join the fiction part. If you were visiting during the 4th of July holiday, how do you imagine the day? GET CREATIVE!


On the down side, being a fictional character, HE pretty much ignored me all weekend to indulge in all manner of fun and festivities. On the plus side, this blog forces him to give me a bit of fun for myself. So, here’s really (fictionally speaking) how I spent my 4th of July.


A day on the beach, a picnic basket full of food, a a couple ice cold beers went a long way to pulling my head out of the story I was writing. Amy in her bikini is always a great diversion as well.

I’d surprised Amy with the little getaway, getting everything ready before she even made her way out of bed that morning.

“Come on. It’ll be fun.”

She didn’t disagree.

Thought the Bayside beach was crowded, we found a spot to lay our towels and set up the cooler, then took some time to swim and fool around in the waves before settling in. We’re both nose deep in books right now, but there’s no better feeling then Amy laying on my lap while I read a sexy new release.

A break for lunch followed by an easy afternoon absorbed in a book. What could be better?

But as the sun sunk toward the horizon I had one more surprise for her.

“Jack Thompson lent me his boat for tonight.”

God I love it when Amy smiles. “Really?”

Jack is this rich, artist friend of mine. I really need to write his story sometime. Anyway his boat is a pretty good sized yacht.

An hour and a half later I’m pushing two arm-less chases together as the stars begin to twinkle overhead. The breeze turns a bit chill, so I pull a cover over Amy and myself as the first bang lights up the sky.

Colorful fireworks explode in a Maine harbor at dusk filled with boats.

With the waves gently rocking the boat, Amy and I set off a few fireworks of our own under the cover.

Happy 4th?

Oh, yeah.


So how was Leslie Hachtel‘s holiday weekend? Find out as the RWW blog hope continues at:…

And be sure to check out Leslie’s amazing Dream Dancer:

Dream Dancer

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