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If you’re joining me from Jenna Da Sie , or starting your hop here with me, welcome aboard.


Daughter of Darkness by S. C. Mitchell

Daughter of Darkness by S. C. Mitchell

And be sure to check out Jenna’s wonderful contribution to the Holiday Hearts anthology: UPON A WINTER’S NIGHT.


Today’s challenge comes from my good friend S. C. Mitchell – Flash Fiction Challenge: Give us a romantic scene to set the mood for Valentines Day.


So here’s a little scene I woke up with yesterday stuck in my head and just had to write:




Not quite awake enough to find his chirping phone, Jason rolled to his stomach, mash is face into the sheets and pull the pillow from the other side of the bed over his ears to block the sound. He took a deep breath, then expelled a sigh. Her scent still lingered. In the sheets, on the pillow.


He gave up and pushed himself back over, clawing at the nightstand for his phone to turn off the alarm. Lying here, her essence all around, only made it worse anyway.

He pulled on his jeans, stuffed his phone in the pocket, and padded to the bathroom.

On the sink, her pink toothbrush stood next to his in the rack they’d purchased together. A cold, stark reminder she was no longer here.

His chest tightened as he picked up the toothbrush to examine it. Her mouth, those luscious lips. God, he missed her.

He dropped the toothbrush in the trash. “I was so stupid.”

Maybe he couldn’t help it. Maybe he just was stupid when it came to women. Maybe he needed to find that woman who could see past the stupid and find the real him.

Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

He hadn’t realized how hurtful the words would be until they’d tumbled out of his mouth. He knew she was sensitive about that. It hadn’t even been what he wanted to say really, it just kind of came out all jumbled up. That happened a lot when she was around him. His mind just didn’t seem to work right.

Such a little thing. But not to her.

Then she was gone.

Socks, shoes, and his cleanest dirty shirt later, he stood at his front door. Maybe a run would help clear his mind. A long run.

Trees, fresh air, and miles down the road hadn’t eased the pain. She used to run with him, and her absence haunted him with every step.

He stopped when his phone buzzed. Pulling it from his pocket, he checked the screen before answering.


“Hi.” Was she in trouble? Hurt?

“I miss you.” Her voice so small, tentative. “I was stupid.”

His heart warmed. “No, I was stupid.”

Her sigh sent waves of erotic promise coursing through his core.

“Could we, maybe, be stupid together again?”

“Yes. Come home. Please.”

Before he’d even hung up, he’d turned and started sprinting back the way he’d come. He couldn’t get home fast enough, but he did need one little side trip.

I’ll need to pick up a new, pink toothbrush,



So what do you think. Let me know in the comments below, then hop along to see what the wonderful Kathryn Renard wrote, as the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop continues at:

Sidelined by Kathryn Renard

Sidelined by Kathryn Renard


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