RWW – Always google your pen name

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Welcome to the Romance Writers Weekly Blog Hop.

The Romance Writers Weekly crew is a group of romance writers who hang out on our Facebook Page, and do a weekly blog hop to answer questions about our writing and face writing challenges.

If you’re joining me from Brenda Margriet’s blog , or starting your hop here with me, welcome aboard.

Today we’re being asked: What is the story behind your name? If you have a pen name, how did you come up with it?

Kind of a funny story. Marc Stevens is a pen name. The author want’s to keep his anonymity. I was originally supposed to be Marc Long. A friend told him before he went to set me up that they though Marc Long sounded like a porn name. Well, back then I was just going to write erotica, so it kind of fit, but that friend convinced him to change it, and so we came up with Marc Stevens together.

He never googled it, and went on to set everything up as Marc Stevens and I was born. A few months later I’m googling me, just to see it I’m making any waves and look what I found:

Yup, there was a porn star named Marc Stevens.


Lesson learned: Always Google your pen name. (Not that I’ll probably ever create another one.)

So, is S. C. Mitchell a pen name? Find out as the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop continues at:

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