Who am I

From HIM.

Who would you be if you could start over, knowing everything you know right now. What if you could start with a clean slate? No friends, no family, just an adult you, with no strings attached. Those are the questions I am looking to answer in this blog, and the writings of Marc Stevens.

Marc Stevens is me, and then again he’s not. He doesn’t have my family or my friends. He doesn’t have my moral convictions or constraints. In fact, right now he has no one. You, the readers of this blog and the books he will produce, will determine what he becomes.

Without the constraints of family, friends and society, Marc is free to explore the sensual side of life. He is an author, much like I am, but he writes erotica (I don’t. I wouldn’t dare.). Where Marc is going in his new career, I have no idea. Really it’s up to you.

God help him, Marc is in his sexual prime, with hormones raging, and he plans to explore this world with a full charge of testosterone. Look out…

Okay, this is probably the last you’ll hear from me here. I’m turning this mess over to Marc.


Who am I:

I was born the bastard child of a published author. I have been cut off from him, without his name or support. And yet, I am a part of him. A dark secret he chooses not to divulge.

I’m not real. I’m a pen name – a stock image. The dark, seedy side of an otherwise upstanding new writer. I understand why he rejects me. It’s for both our sakes. I could not flourish in his shadow, nor could he in mine.

I have no past. I am born today, January 12, 2013.  But I do have a future. Erotic works and the words on this blog. A sexual side the world will only find here, and in the pages of the books I am about to write.

I am Marc Stevens – A man in the shadows.


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