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A very fun blog to be sure, and I’m grateful for the exposure.

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It’s about more than just sex.

I’ve been stumbling around the last few days, trying to get my head around this romance thing. Not the Amy and me romance thing. I get that. I love her. I really do.

But this writing romance thing? That’s got me puzzled. How to go about it, change things up.
So I’ve been doing some research. The Romance Writers of America ( and I guess they’re the experts) say basically a romance has a central love story and an optimistic, satisfying (‘Happy ever after’, or at least ‘happy for now’) ending. That shouldn’t be too hard, but it does mean I’ll have to take my writing deeper, and really get into the minds and emotions of my characters.

Candy's Conquest CoverRaider Cover

Probably the closest I’ve come to that was Candy’s Conquest. That was certainly a much deeper story than most of mine, but then again Candy and Trevor both had some pretty heavy stuff in their pasts. Still, they didn’t end up together. As I recall Candy ended up with Alan. So was Raider of the lost Blonde somewhat closer to what I’m aiming at?

Lots of questions. I need more research. And, of course, I’m doing a lot of romance reading. We will see…

Love? Seriously?

So yesterday Amy’s wondering around in just this sexy, black bra and panties set she knows drives me crazy. She knows because she can read my mind so much better than I can read hers.

I’ve been trying to get my head back into my writing and hopefully put out something new. I still have all my notes and started stories from Points Club, but with the way everything has changed I really don’t feel inspired to write about that anymore. It’s like I’ve moved on, and I’m ready to leave that all behind.

But I’m not sure what I’m moving on to.

“You’ll figure it out,” Amy says, picking up on my frustration. She bends down and kisses the back of my neck, sending a jolt straight to my cock. “And I’ll be here to inspire you.”

Her breath is hot on my neck, and I spin in my chair, stand, and take her into my arms. As our tongues tangle, I run my fingers through her lush hair.

My best friend . . . with incredible benefits. It makes me think about how lucky I am to have Amy in my life. And then it just comes out.

“I love you.”

Her eyebrows raise, and she gets that sexy half-smile playing across her lips. “I wondered how long it would take you to figure that out.”

Okay, I can be a bit slow on the touchy, feely, emotional stuff. I’m a guy . . . what can I say.

Well, I didn’t exactly know what to say next, so I just dragged her to bed. Inspiring? Hell yeah. Sex was always so much better with Amy.


In the musky afterglow, she’s laying in my arms, just playing with my chest hair when she perks up. “Maybe that’s what you’ve been missing in your writing. I mean, you’ve got the sex down. God, have you got the sex down.” Her enthusiasm makes me smile. “Maybe you just need to add a little romance.”

I laugh out loud, but have to admit, the idea is intriguing. “You think I should write romance? I’m a guy.”

“There are guys that write romance,” she counters. “And you’d be great at it.”

So, she’s got me thinking.

I’m Back!

Amy rolls over in bed and gives me ‘those eyes.’

“God, you are something,” I say.

Weeks on the run, but we’ve finally escaped whoever was after us. We’ve found a safe place, away from everything we knew and started creating a new life away from all the craziness.

She’s been so amazing through it all. I run my hand through her hair, then pull her lips in to mine. The press of her naked body against me has me hard in no time.

“Oh no. Not again.” She pulls away. “You promised.”

I laugh and release her, but God I want her. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to just relax like this.

Yesterday I finally got my hands on a new laptop, and access to my files. My email box was filled with messages from friends and online fans all asking basically “Where the hell are you?” I promised Amy that today I’d post something, and that I’d make an effort to get back to my writing.

I know it’s been a long time, and I apologize, though it really wasn’t my fault. Things got crazy, now they’re better and I will try to post more often.

To make up for my absence I’ve put Sex and Lasers up for FREE for the next 5 days. Pick it up, here: if you haven’t already.

And look for more to come.

Yeah, I’m back.

Fireworks under the stars.

Yesterday was Independence Day in more one way for me. I’m not much of a parade and greasy food kind of guy, but there’s just something about fireworks I find fascinating, so after hiding out all day in my apartment, I decided to slip down to the lake to watch the fireworks last night. It was the first time I’d been out of my apartment for any extended time since my blackout period.

I grabbed a couple of wine coolers and a blanket, and headed to the lakeside park. There was quite a crowd gathered, but no one I recognized. In the midst of the crowd, I began to realize just how overwhelming these new mind powers can be. I could barely concentrate, with so many stray thoughts bombarding my brain.

I packed up and moved down the beach, to a more secluded area. Just before the fireworks show began I found a nice, quiet place, under some trees, that still had a good view of the cloudless night sky over the lake.

As the first few fireworks exploded overhead, I opened a wine cooler and sat back. It was easy to relax and just lose myself in the display.

“Do you really want to be alone tonight?” The silky voice surprised me. I hadn’t sensed anyone near.

Sexy woman with champagne over fireworks background
Out of the darkness a gorgeous woman appeared. Long dark hair, bright eyes, and pouty lips that begged to be kissed. Her skimpy dress advertized sleek lines and sexy curves. She held a glass of wine in one hand and took a stance that shouted ‘available.’

“Hi,” I said rising (in more ways than one). “I’m Marc.”

“I know,” she answered. “I know who you are, and what you are.”

The hair on the back of my neck rose. Who was this chick?

I tried like hell to delve her mind, but something was blocking me. “Who are you?”

“Someone who’s looking out for you. Someone who cares.”

That didn’t answer any of my questions.

Then she smiled, and held up her hand. “I’m Sarah. Can I join you?”

I invited her to sit down on the blanket next to me. What the hell, she was hot and even without being able to read her mind, I had a good guess as to what was on her mind. “So, when you said you knew what I am, you mean you know I’m a writer? You read my blog?”

She smiled. “That too. I also know you’re a Psylon.”

I wasn’t expecting that. “That’s just stuff I write about on my blog. You know . . . fiction,” I lied.

“If you say so,” she said, sliding her hand up my thigh and squeezing my crotch. “I just love authors.” Now I really didn’t need to read her mind to know what she was thinking.

I reached over and ran my fingers through her silky locks, cupping the back of her head and drawing her lips toward mind. There was no resistance.

As the night sky exploded with color, we rolled on the blanket locked in a kiss that had me ready to pop. She worked my jeans open and freed my cock, while I worked my fingers under her dress. She was so wet. So ready.

“I need you now. Rough and quick.” She was breathing heavily, her full breasts heaving against my chest.

So that’s the way I took her.

After, we wrapped in the blanket and watched the rest of the fireworks. Then I took her home and made a few more.

I fell asleep in her arms, but when I woke this morning, she was gone.

A dream? Maybe. Things have been so weird lately.

But I don’t think so.

Happy Independence Day!


Heather and Jim.

There’s a young couple that lives just two apartments down from mine. I’ve only run into them a couple of times in the hallways, so I don’t know them very well. But lately I’m getting to know them really well.

sexy couple

Most of the other people in the apartments around me are older and a bit more settled, but these two…well, the hormones are raging. They spend a good deal of the time they’re home together in bed.


How do I know this?


Well, it seems as my mind adjusts to the drugs that are turning me into a Psylon, it’s really easy to pick up on the thoughts of people generating a lot of sexual energy, and get drawn into their heads. And seriously, these two go at it a lot.


It’s not like I’m a voyeur, well maybe it’s exactly like that, but it’s nothing I can help. It’s all part of this change that hopefully I’ll learn to control better soon. In the mean time, it’s completely distracting, and makes me horny as hell, but on the plus side they sometimes give me some great inspiration for my writing. They can be quite adventurous in their lovemaking.


So I’ve started writing again. Hopefully I’ll have something soon. Another short story, maybe even a novella. I’ve got to find a use for all this inspiration.


Their lives otherwise, are a bit mundane, so I’ll have to create a little fiction, if I ever want to use these scenes, but that’s kind of what I set out to do, before my life got so off course. Maybe I’ll try my hand at a made up story for a change. But the sex scenes, yeah, those will be real. I couldn’t invent better than Heather and Jim.


God, I hope Angel stops by tonight.

Gossip - woman with finger over lips


Answers – Part 2


Paul Fredericks had just dropped a bombshell on me.

“Last January, right before we wiped the memories of the other Points Club members, eight of you agreed to move to the new Psylon headquarters, and undergo a new, experimental process, that would turn you into Psylons.”

I racked my brain for any memory and came up short. “Why don’t I remember?”

Paul sighed. “There were some complications. You and a couple of the others started having seizures and psychotic episodes. We think it was because of an allergic reaction to one of the drugs, none of the others had any problems at all. You had to be restrained and sedated for quite a while. You were in a lot of pain, which we found out later, was caused by being in close proximity to the other Psylons, both old and new. So I sent you here to recover.”

I nodded, but I wasn’t about to let him off the hook. He hadn’t answered my question. “So, why don’t I remember?”

“Even after we got you back here, you couldn’t adjust. You had nightmares whenever you tried to sleep. You were a mess. So we decided to block the memories . . . let you ease back into normal life before we broke the news. Your memories will return over time, hopefully at a pace you can handle them.”

“Great, I was crazy. Am I still crazy?”

Paul smiled, and let me rant for a bit, then said, “Relax, Marc, you’ll be fine. All of the others are recovering nicely as well, but your Psylon powers are starting to manifest, and so is the hunger. That’s why we had to send Angel to you a couple of times over the past two weeks.”

“Her name is Angel?” Because yeah, no way I’d forget her.
Beautiful woman and glamour city night lights
“We’re working on things,” Paul continued. “Give us some time and just know your brain is still adjusting. New powers may come upon you suddenly, to be on guard.”


Something came to me then, as if I’d known how to do it all along. I just thought real hard toward Dr. Paul, without saying anything.

Like talking to you in your head?

Paul smiled and nodded. “Yeah, like that.”