That Girl Across The Hall is Free

First off, a big welcome to anyone wondering over here from Beer and Boardgames (or however else you found your way here today). I’m glad you stopped by.

As a welcome to my blog, I’ve put up my first story, That Girl Across The Hall for free for the next 5 days. You can get it here:

That Girl Across the Hall


You can catch up on everything going on by starting at the beginning of the blog and reading up, or picking up the blog compilation here:

A Man in the shadows - season 1 - Half Cover

Once again, thanks for stopping by. There’s new drama, and more stories coming soon!


Hey big spenders:

Just a quick update.

Yeah I know the price is completely unreasonable. I certainly don’t expect anyone to actually buy it. But it is available:

It’s full color, and I just wanted to see what it would cost to put a book out that way.

Then again it might just be a collectors item someday.

And here it is!

A Man in the shadows - season 1 - Half Cover

The entire first season of this blog, in brilliant living color and with links working (I hope). It appeared to be working on my iPad anyway.

The book includes all 4 of the short stories in sequence, as they appeared. It’s a great way to catch up on the blog, much easier than starting at the bottom and reading up, and all for just $4.99.

Get it here:

There will also be a print version, coming soon, but because it’s full color the price had to be $34.99, so I don’t expect a lot of sales on that. (Collectors Item anyone?)