Going Exclusive.

Candy and Alan sat across from me last night in one of the booths in the back room of the North Point Supper Club. They hadn’t been in since the events I wrote about in Raider of the Lost blonde. Tonight was a party to celebrate them going exclusive.

“I can’t believe you two won’t be hanging around here anymore,” I told them. Alan smiled and looked at Candy.

Going exclusive in the Points Club was the equivalent of going steady in the real world. Two people agreed to have sex, at least mostly, with each other. They still retained their points and Points Club privileges, but didn’t have to spend points on each other. It allowed members to explore relationships, without quitting the club.

“We’ll be around,” Alan assured me, “just not as often.”

Candy ran her tongue around those ruby red lips of hers. “I’ll want you to play the villain again, every once in a while, if you’re open to it.”

God! Just thinking back on that night gave me one huge hard-on. I’d played the bad guy in Candy’s Indiana Jones fantasy. It had been quite an adventure.

“I will be fun,” I answered, “as long as I have someone waiting for me in the anti-room.”

“Was Claudia there?” A mischievous twinkle sparkled in Candy’s eyes. “I haven’t had a chance to talk with her yet.”

“Oh yeah.” I couldn’t help smiling. “I was well taken care of.”

Alan stood and pulled Candy into his arms. “Well, we better mingle. It is our party after all.”

“Thanks again, Marc,” Candy added as they headed off, Alan’s hand moving down to cup Candy’s perfect ass.

I took a sip of my wine, wondering if I’d ever get a chance to have Candy even once. She and Alan seemed to be pretty tight. I was happy for them, but I did sigh a bit in regret. Candy was one awesome woman.


Speaking of awesome women, Claudia Halverson slid into the booth across from me, taking the seat Candy and Alan had just vacated. I knew what she was asking, but decided to play dumb.

“Well What?”

Claudia had taken me to a little place called heaven, after Candy’s Indiana Jones adventure had left me. Yeah, that incredible night had given me two stories to write.

“Are you going to write that story?” They all think this writing thing is easy. Claudia hunched over the table, giving me an incredible view of the tops of her breasts as they popped from the top of her low cut blouse.

It reminded me of what she’d done with them that night, and my cock wanted more.

“I might need to do a reenactment, just to get some of the scenes right,” I answered, shooting her a cocky grin.

She leaned over even further, pressing her lips to mine. Her teeth gently tugged my lower lip as she pulled away. “Any time, stud.” Her smile was wicked.

I chuckled. “Actually, it’s almost done. Give me a few more days to polish it, and I’ll have it available.”

I opened my laptop and brought up the cover for her to see, and she squealed in delight.

oiled cover

Coming soon!


The fireworks during the fireworks.

I’m recovering this morning from a fabulous Independence Day party.  (So is HE, which is why he let me loose for the day)

It’s a well kept secret that the best place in town to watch the 4th of July fireworks display is on the roof of the North Point Super Club. A clear, unobstructed view across the river to the park where the city’s masses tend to gather.

I could see the distant glow of sparklers and hear the pop of firecrackers as the sun sank below the horizon. There were about forty of us up on the flat-roofed back portion of the club. Harvey set out a table of snacks and was mixing drinks behind a makeshift bar constructed of two wine barrels and some boards. His traditional garb of assless chaps and cowboy boots was augmented with a red, white and blue Uncle Sam top-hat and bowtie. And yeah, his flagpole was at full-mast in the night breeze. Very patriotic.

After a few drinks, the party started to loosen up, and clothes started coming off. This party was considered ‘point free’ so anything went…and just about everything did.

As the fireworks started exploding above, and impromptu game of strip fireworks broke out. If you were wearing a piece of clothing the same color as the firework, you had to take it off. It didn’t take long before there were a large number of very naked people, including me, standing around on the roof.

Well, after that things just started to combust. Couples, trios and larger groups broke off to make their way downstairs to the rooms. Others just started in right on the roof, rolling around on the blankets spread out just for that purpose.

I got a refill on my drink from Harvey, and made my way to a comfortable chaise lounge where I could observe all the activity going on all around me.

Yeah, of course I was hard, but I wasn’t ready to dive in just yet. I wanted to lock it all in. I knew I’d have to blog about this.

“Oh no Marc. No more staying on the sidelines. Not on a points free night.” Kathy Lopez stood over me, very beautiful in the bursting flashes of the fireworks overhead, and also very naked. She swung a leg over the chaise and just lowered her very moist and ready self onto me.

After that…fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks.

Fireworks cluster

Happy Independence Day!

Sex on the Beach

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the United States, and the weather is beautiful. I’d been working hard on Tina’s Poolboy and decided I’d earned some time off. Writing about Tina and Trevor’s poolside adventure made me think of swimming. I knew just where I wanted to go. I changed into my swim trunks, packed a cooler with ice and beer, and headed to this secluded beach I’d just recently discovered.

It was quiet, sunny and invigorating. I took a quick swim, then stretched out in the sun on my towel to catch up on some reading and enjoy a beer.

“Hi Marc.” Two sexy voices in tandem, drew my attention. I looked up from my book to spot the Lopez twins jogging along the beach.

Sex on the Beach

Karen and Kathy Lopez are Points Club members, and almost identical twins. I’m just learning to tell them apart. Karen has slightly larger breasts, while Kathy has fuller, more sensual lips. Both are stunning and sexy.

“Fancy meeting you here,” I said and offered them a beer. Not surprisingly they both accepted.

“We live just down the beach,” Kathy explained, “and it was a great day for a run on the beach.”

They settled down on my towel. It’s not a big towel, and they sat close. Two warm, soft bodies that smelled of flowers and spice sidled close, one on either side of me. I had nothing to complain about.

“Oh, your suit’s wet,” Karen said settling in on my right side.

“You should take that off and let it dry in the sun,” Kathy added, a mischievous smile crossing her face.

I laughed. “I didn’t know this was a nude beach.”

Kathy crawled almost onto my lap, kneeling between my legs. “Tell you what, Marc. You take off that suit and we’ll give you something to write about on that sexy blog of yours.”

How could I resist. I stood up and smiled down at her. “I might need a little help with this wet swimming suit, though.”

Kathy, still kneeling in front of me, hooked her fingers under the waistband of my suit and pulled down. My cock, hard as a rock, popped out staring her right in the face. Kathy wrapped her hot hand around it. God, it felt so good.

Karen stood and came toward me as Kathy slid my cock into her sexy mouth. I knew where this was leading, and decided to take some initiative.

“No fair, me being the only one naked,” I said and grabbed at the tie on Karen’s string bikini top.

As her incredible breasts spilled out I cradled one and guided it to my mouth. Her nipple hardened and she arched her back to give me full access.

Kathy’s tongue was doing a dance across the head of my cock as I slid my hand into Karen’s bikini bottom. Smooth shaved, and wet as hell, Karen gasped as I pushed my fingers into her. Yeah, I wanted some of this.

“This is going to cost us points, you know,” Karen said. She was the only one without their mouth full at that moment.

By that point I was riding the edge of an orgasm. I pulled away from Karen’s breast. “So, who wants to earn three points,” I said, ready to pay up and bury my cock in either of them.

Kathy released me and stood to push down her bikini bottoms. “Me.” She cast her sister an evil glance. “It’s my turn.”

Obviously the two work in tandem a lot. Any guy with a twins fantasy would want these girls in his bed. Karen frowned as Kathy lay back on my towel and spread her incredible legs. I knelt between her thighs and shoved in. She was warm, wet and ready.

Karen wiggled out of the rest of her swim suit and stood to the right of us. I took the opportunity to shove a finger back into her. “Oh yeah, keep doing that,” she sighed.

I pumped into Kathy and fingered Karen until I couldn’t hold back any more. Kathy writhed in the grip of her own orgasm as I pumped my load into her.

But I wasn’t done yet. I turned and ran my tongue between Karen’s legs, finding her clit, as I continued to finger her channel. “Oh God, you’re going to earn those three points right back if you keep that up.”

So I did. She tasted like raw sex and I can’t think of a better way to break even.

The girls stayed a while, as the sun began to set. We drank more beer and chatted, then took a refreshing skinny dip, playing in the water and having a great time ‘accidentally’ bumping into each other.

Hot Wet Couple 2

This led to me breaking even the other way.

It was an incredible evening, and everyone ended up with the same points they started with.

I love the beach.

Candy’s Virgin

Candy's Virgin Cover

Candy’s Virgin is live and available for sale. I hope you enjoy this story about one of the Points Club’s sexiest vixens and one of our newest members.

Get it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C8WWHPE


When it comes to sex, Candy’s tried it all—men, women, threesomes, whips, chains and orgies. But there is one thing Candy’s never had, and a unique auction at Points Club is set to offer just that. She’s not about to be overbid. A virgin. The mere thought get’s Candy’s core dripping with excitement. She can’t wait to get her hands on him.

Trevor’s life was a mess until he met psychologist Paul Fredericks. Two years of therapy and an invitation to the Points Club have put him on the right track. But will a night with the vivacious Candy Kane derail him, or will he be able to bring the train into the station.

Points Club is a piece of the erotic drama taking place on Marc Stevens’ popular blog, A Man in the shadows. This story stands alone, but you can get the background and catch up on the continuing erotic drama by visiting https://marcstevenserotica.wordpress.com/

5,400 sexy words.

M is for Maya

The main room of the North Point Supper Club is a lonely place after 6:00pm. Most of the regulars are in the back setting up encounters or getting laid. Last night it was just Maya and me.

Maya’s the bartender that takes over when Harvey slips into his cowboy boots and assless chaps to host the Points Club meetings.

MA Taylor

Jet black hair and dark sultry eyes with flecks of blue and green that draw you like steel to a magnet. But the landscape doesn’t stop there. She has a small piercing on her cute button nose that will occasionally catch the dim light in the bar and draw your attention to the bangles hanging from her multi-pierced ears. She has quite a collection of earrings. Last night it was hoops and skulls. She looked daring, dangerous and damned sexy.

My mouth went dry just looking at her. Exotic…enticing. I decided there were advantages to not being the first one in the back rooms when the door opened.


“Do you have a good Zinfandel?” I thought something on the sweet side would go well with the exotic flavors Maya presented. My mind was drifting and so were my eyes, as they took in the tops of her perfect, palm-sized breasts and the intricate, colorful tattoos that ran down both arms.

“How come you’re not in the back rooms with the others, Marc?” Her eyes sparkled as she pursed her lips, the sides of her mouth drawing up in a mischievous grin.

I had to pull my thought away from her. This was business, and all I could think about was pleasure. “I’m waiting for someone.”

Tonight I was meeting another author here, the one who would help me write the Psylon’s story. Dr. Paul set it up. M. A. Taylor, the erotica author. I’d never meet her before, didn’t even know what she looked like.

“Maybe she’s already here.” Maya winked and slid a business card across the bar counter.


“You?” I couldn’t believe it.

“The M is for Maya.”

She showed me an old laptop sitting on a desk at the side of the bar.

Laptop On Table

“It gets lonely out here at night,” she looked off toward the back room, “and I certainly get a lot of erotic inspiration. I can only imagine what goes on back there…but I have a very vivid imagination.”

I could just picture her fingers rippling over the keyboard…okay, I was picturing her fingers rippling over my body, but it’s almost the same thing. I knew I had to steel my resolve. If we were going to be working together, sex could really get in the way.

“I went over the notes Dr. Fredericks sent me. Here’s what I’ve got so far and I have an idea.” She handed me a folder. “You write from Nick’s perspective, and I’ll write from Perla’s. We can get a true male/female viewpoint. Let’s go back and forth, chapter for chapter, and see what we can pound out.”

Yeah, pounding something out sounded like a great idea right about then.

She laughed. “God, Marc, I’m not a Psylon, but it doesn’t take much to read your mind right now.”

She leaned over the bar and brought her lips to mine. Her tongue pried my lips apart and teased my cock even harder.

“Okay,” I said gasping for air. “But we need to keep this professional.”

Her eyes sparkled. That mischievous grin was back. “Well, professionally, we may have to work our way through some of those sex scenes together.”

“Yeah,” I smiled, “there is that.”

Sexy Fruit (Part 2)

Some of you probably remember this post from about a month and a half ago: https://marcstevenserotica.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/sexy-fruit/

Well, here we go again…

I had a deliciously awesome night at Points Club last night. Vickie was on-board with the food based fantasy so I stopped by the North Point Supper Club to talk with Harvey and see if there was a room available. Turned out he’d been anticipating it, and had something all set up if I wanted it. I messaged Vickie then headed out for the grocery store.

It’s amazing what you can find, when you’re in the proper frame of mind:


Vickie was anxious to get at it, so we agreed to start right when Points club opened at 6:00pm. I spent most of the afternoon setting everything up. It was a truly unique experience for me, if somewhat messy. Vickie recreated the banana split (without even using a banana).


After she’d had her fill, I tossed a pretty mean fruit salad.


The entire event turned out to be a lot sexier than I thought it would be, and a lot of fun. I’ve thrown all my writing projects to the side, and am hard at work on bringing you the whole delicious story.

I just finished the cover:

Whipped Cream Cover

And I plan to have the story available very, very soon.

By the way, Amy came over and after reading my rough draft, slipped out to buy some groceries, then presented me with the above pictures based on the story. I’m not going to say they’re completely accurate, but she did manage to capture the spirit of the story.

Thanks, Amy!

Whipped Cream…

…and other delights.

Yesterday Alan Johnson invited me over to look at his vintage vinyl collection. He’s got some really cool old records including the one above, but it wasn’t the music that got me, it was the cover. I was thinking about the comment in my previous post and when I saw this everything started to fall together.

I sent Vickie a quick  text, and she agreed for only 4 points. I planned on stopping by the grocery store on my way home anyway, but my shopping list just got a bit longer. So did something else, just thinking about this!