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Welcome to the Romance Writers Weekly Blog Hop.

The Romance Writers Weekly crew is a group of romance writers who hang out on our Facebook Page, and do a weekly blog hop to answer questions about our writing and face writing challenges.

Daughter of Darkness by S. C. Mitchell

Daughter of Darkness by S. C. Mitchell

If you’re joining me from S. C. Mitchell’s blog, or starting your hop here with me, welcome aboard.

I supplied today’s topic – Flash Fiction Challenge: Planes, trains, and automobiles (or even boats) give us a quick scene set on/in a moving vehicle.

I picked this topic because I was remembering back to my entrance into the Mile High Club:

It was an interesting time in my life. I never did get around to writing the whole story, and I’m probably never going to. I’ll leave that to your imagination. But that experience inspired today’s challenge to my RWW teammates.

So, here’s something new, and (mostly) fictional:

The Friendly Skies

By Marc Stevens


“Welcome aboard, Mr. Matthews.” The stewardess’ broad, genuine smile warmed Clive’s heart. Her short skirt and long sexy legs caused heat in a somewhat lower region.

Clive was more used to flying commercial, crushed between two strangers in the center seat with someone’s baby screaming in the seat behind. Okay, not always that bad, but God, he’d been there. He’d rather drive, take his time, and arrive with his mind intact.

“We need you today.” Tom Wendt wasn’t just offering him a part in his new movie. He was giving him the roll of a lifetime. Slade Steele, in the movie version of Marc Stevens’ Suburban Spies.

Clive couldn’t say no to next summer’s hottest romantic blockbuster.

Then Tom surprised Clive by sending a private plane. “I know how you hate to fly.” A comfortable Leer jet, pilot, co-pilot, and Jennifer.

“Nice.” He was talking about the plane. Then again, maybe he wasn’t.

Jennifer motioned him in. “Take a seat, Mr. Matthews. We’ll be taking off shortly.”

He buckled into the cushy single seat. I could get used to this.

She took the seat across from him, giving him a chance to study her.

Piercing blue eyes, and plump red lips were framed by a fall of golden curls. A low-cut uniform that offered a generous hint of cleavage.

“I loved you in Island Heat.” Her eyes widened as her tongue dragged across her lower lip.

“Don’t tell me you actually watched that.” Nobody admitted to watching Island Heat. While Clive thought he’d turned in an acceptable performance, the film was so poorly edited, it was almost unwatchable. Still, there was that love scene that went viral on Youtube, but with the lovely Miss Paige playing opposite, that wasn’t really acting.

Jennifer unbuckled her seat belt as the plane leveled off. “I thought you were great.”


God. Clive Matthews. Everyone knew he was the next big thing in Hollywood, even though Island Heat bombed at the box office something fierce. That hadn’t been his fault, and his performance shined through the shitty production. Especially that hot sex scene.

Jennifer took a deep breath, trying to center herself. This was no time to go all fan-girl over him. “Can I offer you coffee . . . something stronger?” Me?

“Wine, if you’ll join me.”

What girl in her right mind would turn down that invitation?

She fought to keep the excitement from her tone. “White or red?”

His gaze captured hers. Dark, bedroom eyes that held erotic promise.

“Surprise me.” His tone dripped with orgasmic invitation.

A sensual wave cascaded through her.

Oh, she planned to surprise him.


Sorry. I gotta stop there. I’ll let you fill in what happens next.

Then hop a train over to A. S. Fenichel’s bog as the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop continues:

Tainted Bride by A. S. Fenichel

Tainted Bride by A. S. Fenichel






Well, I’ll be damned. HE’s decided to put me on the old resuscitation machine. It’s my own fault really. I’ve been bad. The whole story will be unfolding here soon, so watch for new content. In the mean time, here’s a teaser:


Points Free Week

Happy New Year!

Well, I just dragged myself out of bed…Amy’s bed to be exact…and stumbled my way across the hall to my computer.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

Yeah, I’ve been absent from my blogging, and I apologize. To say I’ve been busy is just a cop out, so I won’t.

At the Christmas Eve Points Club party, I learned a bit more about Points Club. It’s a little secret they wait until the holidays to spring on their new members.

There’s some big money behind the club. That I figured out almost from the beginning. This is more than just a small swop club. It’s worldwide and well backed.

At Christmas time each year the big money boys each back a charity. These are real charities, not those heavily advertised ‘charities’ where 90% of the money donated ends up in the back pockets of the board members, or goes to financing political campaigns and lobbyists. At the annual Christmas Eve Party club members use their accumulated points to support one of the charities. There’s also a lot of side betting by the big money guys that also ends up in their charity donations.

Anyway, it’s a bit complex, but by the end of the night every Points Club member is completely out of points, and the world is a better place to live.

Then we enter Points Free Week. Have all the sex you can handle, with whoever’s agreeable, with no points exchanged. A week long free-for-all orgy, and let me tell you, the back rooms sizzle at the North Point Supper Club.

I lasted three days.

I kid you not. This was intense. It was nonstop sex, sleep (a little), shower, grab some food (Harvey put on a great buffet), then dive back in.

At some point last Friday I ended up on top of Amy in a room full of naked writhing bodies.

Sex Happens

“I think I’m hitting my limit,” she said smiling up at me. I certainly understood. There was no rule that you had to stay the whole week. Few club members actually did.

We left and went back to my place. I opened a bottle of zinfandel and we sat and talked about the crazy year we’d had.

Yeah, it’s been almost a year since I met Amy. If you’re newer to the blog you can read about how we met here:

Anyway, Amy and I decided to spend the rest of Points Free Week together. She had the week off and I…well, I just stopped writing.

This morning a new year dawned, and I slept right through it. But now, as I sit with a pot of coffee brewing, my five ‘starter’ points in my account, and the memory of some pretty intense sex bubbling in my brain, I’m looking forward to 2014.

Where will it take me? Who knows? Stick around and we’ll head there together.

Happy New Year!


Going Exclusive.

Candy and Alan sat across from me last night in one of the booths in the back room of the North Point Supper Club. They hadn’t been in since the events I wrote about in Raider of the Lost blonde. Tonight was a party to celebrate them going exclusive.

“I can’t believe you two won’t be hanging around here anymore,” I told them. Alan smiled and looked at Candy.

Going exclusive in the Points Club was the equivalent of going steady in the real world. Two people agreed to have sex, at least mostly, with each other. They still retained their points and Points Club privileges, but didn’t have to spend points on each other. It allowed members to explore relationships, without quitting the club.

“We’ll be around,” Alan assured me, “just not as often.”

Candy ran her tongue around those ruby red lips of hers. “I’ll want you to play the villain again, every once in a while, if you’re open to it.”

God! Just thinking back on that night gave me one huge hard-on. I’d played the bad guy in Candy’s Indiana Jones fantasy. It had been quite an adventure.

“I will be fun,” I answered, “as long as I have someone waiting for me in the anti-room.”

“Was Claudia there?” A mischievous twinkle sparkled in Candy’s eyes. “I haven’t had a chance to talk with her yet.”

“Oh yeah.” I couldn’t help smiling. “I was well taken care of.”

Alan stood and pulled Candy into his arms. “Well, we better mingle. It is our party after all.”

“Thanks again, Marc,” Candy added as they headed off, Alan’s hand moving down to cup Candy’s perfect ass.

I took a sip of my wine, wondering if I’d ever get a chance to have Candy even once. She and Alan seemed to be pretty tight. I was happy for them, but I did sigh a bit in regret. Candy was one awesome woman.


Speaking of awesome women, Claudia Halverson slid into the booth across from me, taking the seat Candy and Alan had just vacated. I knew what she was asking, but decided to play dumb.

“Well What?”

Claudia had taken me to a little place called heaven, after Candy’s Indiana Jones adventure had left me. Yeah, that incredible night had given me two stories to write.

“Are you going to write that story?” They all think this writing thing is easy. Claudia hunched over the table, giving me an incredible view of the tops of her breasts as they popped from the top of her low cut blouse.

It reminded me of what she’d done with them that night, and my cock wanted more.

“I might need to do a reenactment, just to get some of the scenes right,” I answered, shooting her a cocky grin.

She leaned over even further, pressing her lips to mine. Her teeth gently tugged my lower lip as she pulled away. “Any time, stud.” Her smile was wicked.

I chuckled. “Actually, it’s almost done. Give me a few more days to polish it, and I’ll have it available.”

I opened my laptop and brought up the cover for her to see, and she squealed in delight.

oiled cover

Coming soon!

A girl and her gun.


It isn’t often a beautiful blonde woman pulls a gun on me in a bar. Okay, to be truthful, it’s never happened before, and I hope it never happens again, but this little life changing event lead to two great stories and one of the most interesting nights I’ve ever spend at the North Point Supper Club.

Beauty with gun

I hadn’t planned on sex that night. Oh, I’d checked the board for anything interesting, but I only planned on getting a drink and chatting with some of the Points Club regulars for a few minutes. I really needed to get back home to work on the novel.

Yes, I really am writing a novel with M. A. Taylor. The rough draft is finished, and right now it’s sitting in my lap to do the first big edit. That’s why I haven’t been posting as much as I would like.

But what happened last night…well, I just had to take a break from editing to write down. I’ll get the stories up soon, then get back to the novel.

Now, the problem with Candy Kane is that it’s hard to know where to look when she enters a room. She has these perfect breasts that she knows just how to display and they tend to attract every eye in the room. If you can drag your gaze upwards, her intense blue eyes and pouty red lips will knock you for a loop. All the while, you have to remind yourself to keep breathing because, yeah, you’ve stopped doing that.

Anyway, one of the last places you would think to check out, while looking at Candy Kane, is her hands, and that’s how she caught me by surprise when I finally noticed the gun she was holding.

“Hey, Marc, would you mind being shot?”

Okay, with her ‘died and gone to heaven’ takes on a whole new meaning, but I didn’t think I was quite ready to take it that far. After all, I do have a novel to finish.

I raised my hands. “What did I do? What did I do?”

She giggled, and looked down at the gun. “No, this is just one of the prop paint ball guns we use in role playing. I want you to play the bad guy in a scenario, but you’d need to be shot. It’s just a small part to get things going, but I’ll pay you two points.”

She batted those big blue eyes at me. “Please?”

Okay, maybe I’m a sucker for a pretty face, but I caved. “Does it hurt?”

I hadn’t even noticed Alan Johnson standing behind her. (Well, who would?) “It stings a little, but not bad,” he said leaning over Candy’s shoulder. The guy was wearing a brown leather jacket and fedora, and brandishing a bullwhip. It was the full Indiana Jones outfit. “I’ve shot people before. It’s perfectly safe.”

Well, how could I say no? I had to know what was going on. “Is this going to be something for me to write about?”

Candy brought the gun barrel to her lips, blowing across it like it was smoking.

“Count on it.”

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