My new video trailer.

So happy to share my new video trailer for Suburban Spies:


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Sidelined by Kathryn Renard

Sidelined by Kathryn Renard

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Click to learn more about A. S. Fenichel's amazing Demon Hunters series.

Click to learn more about A. S. Fenichel’s amazing Demon Hunters series.


Today’s topic is offered by the amazing A.S. Fenichel – Choose one of your books and tell us where the idea came from. Was it a dream, an overheard conversation, did it spark from a previous book you wrote? How did the idea come to you and how did it evolve into a full story. If you want to share a snippet, that would be awesome too.


Oh, fun.

Lets take my latest, Suburban Spies.


After a night of watching:


…back to back, I went to bed with sexy spies on my mind and woke up the next morning with the basic plot for Suburban Spies.


Here’s a little snippet:

Jennifer hefted Slade’s body off her shoulder and onto the sofa in his basement man cave. Big screen TV, X-Box, Blueray player, and all the big-boy toys a man could want. Framed movie posters lined the walls. Terminator, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Expendables . . .

Seriously, Transformers? Ugh!

“You’ve redecorated since I was last down here, lover boy.”

She exited to retrieve the hardware store goodies she’d bought. She hadn’t needed to use any of it on Alexie Youchinko. The Russian agent, her one-time partner, had cracked almost the moment he’d caught sight of her. He’d known his goose was cooked. Sometimes revenge was so sweet.

Not one to waste good hardware, she’d brought everything back from France with her. The cuffs, chains, and manacles had the Homeland Security boys at the airport looking at her sideways. She chuckled. That alone made lugging all the extra weight through the airport so worth it.

Back in the basement she sorted through the heavy hardware. “Now, where would he put his—? Ah.” A multi-drawer tool chest stood in the corner, a drill driver in its charging stand on top.

Slade snorted where he dozed. The handsome cut of his jaw line was relaxed in repose, as if he hadn’t a care in the world. She resisted the urge to run her hands once more across his lean, solid frame. She needed to complete her installation before Slade woke up.


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A short excerpt from Suburban Spies

Suburban Spies

Suburban Spies promo


She slunk toward him, all sensuality and sin. “You will tell me where they are before this night is through.”

She was probably right, but maybe . . . if he played his cards right . . .

Lilac and honey filled his senses. The fragrance was all Jennifer, and incredibly sexy. He ignored the allure. Raising an eyebrow, he hardened his resolve. “That depends on how persuasive you can be.”

He’d endured water-boarding, bamboo under his fingernails, and the lash of a whip without cracking. But this?

This would be torture.



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New Title, New Cover – Same Story.

Cover Reveal Time:

My publisher just informed me that the anthology featuring Suburban Spies has a new title and new cover.


And they’re moving us from the Erotic Romance to the Steamy Romance category, which is the direction I’ve decided to move in my writing anyway. This is really great news. What do you think of the cover?